Summer Institute for the Gifted

at the University of Chicago

The First Full Week!

The first few days have been very busy! Students have been exploring the campus, meeting new friends, and setting objectives for their courses. Students are beginning to dive into thought-proving and engaging topics in courses like Applications of Chemistry, SAT Word Origins, and Deconstructing Crime in America. Students have been participating in various activities planned by their Counselors and Housemasters. We've seen a Magician/Mentalist Show and the various talents of our staff were highlighted at the Staff Talent Show. Tonight, we will participate in a SIG Tradition: Brain Bowl. Who will be crowned as Brain Bowl Champions? On Monday, the senior students will start to navigate the campus on their own, and we are even planning a University of Chicago Admissions Tour and Presentation for them. Senior students will also be eating with whoever they want at lunch and dinner, although many of them have formed strong bonds with their counselor group.

Academic Corner: Cosmic Proportions

Written By Kevin Tien

Of all my classes in my first five days at SIG, Cosmic Proportions has been the most challenging and intriguing course. We always start with a unique roll-calling method, replying "Aye aye, captain!" to our TA, Jimmy, when he calls out our names. Next, Jimmy takes out a folded piece of paper with the word of the day scrawled out in pen. Although the majority of our class hails from outside of America, they make an effort to absorb these complex words. In class, we were assigned the challenge of preparing a presentation on a given topic with three different languages being spoken among us. Usually, astronomical terms are not taught in a foreign language course. However, once we managed to break the communication barrier, we were able to deliver an adequate presentation of the Big Bang. With a captivating book by Stephen Hawking, a very diverse class of gifted students, and many discussions of cosmological concepts ahead us, this class will surely be beneficial to all of us.

Counselor Spotlight: Jenn Rahn

Where are you from? I currently reside in Denver, Colorado, but I am from St. Petersburg, Florida.
What university do (did) you attend? Liberty University
What is (was) your major? B.S. in Psychology and a M.Ed in School Counseling
Where do you see yourself in five years? In five years, I will have completed my PhD in Behavioral/Neuroscience, teaching internationally, touring in my band, and still working as part of the SIG team.
Why did you decide to work at SIG? After extensive research and global traveling, I have yet to find a program like SIG. It coincides with my personal philosophy regarding learning as an everyday experience, rather than coincides set academic walls.

Summer Insitute for the Gifted at University of Chicago

Tony Curtis-Site Director
Alena Treat-Academic Dean
Jameil Floyd-Student Activities Dean
Catherine Rieck-Residential Dean
Jacqueline Dufek-Nurse
Patrick Mucerino-Adminstrative Assistant
Ed Burtonshaw-Gunn-Office Manager