LV Technology

By: Artemas Mironovich


In this lesson we got to choose anything we were looking forward to or fun that you experienced. Also we used an imovie trailer app to make this presentation. Next after we were done, we had the option to present our imovies.

Haiku Deck

In this lesson, we had to pick a dream job. We had to present in front of the class and explain why we picked the job. You had to have at least ten slides.

Typing Web

* Every class we come in and type for five minutes.

* Throughout the semester I felt my words per minute go up.

* By the end of the semester you had to pass the Intermediate coarse.

Explain Everything

* First we had to pick a math problem.

* Then we had to use the Explain Everything app to solve the problem step by step.

* Finally we had to record ourselves explaining the steps of the math problem.

Career Locker

In this lesson we had to go onto a website named Career Locker. Next, we got to create our character, and explore what the site was about. Last we got to pick a job that we would want to have when we get older.


This lesson you got to use a program called You got to complete missions by using the coding that they gave you. You needed to get the 6-7 stage complete to get a three.