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September 07, 2015

Exit to the left!

Team Pirates! Everyone shares the experience of using an exit ticket in the classroom; it's a GREAT way to check in on the progress of student learning! Exit tickets can be an efficient and effective way to get data on what your students know (or don't know), which ultimately impacts instructional choices.

Exit tickets are versatile and can be accommodated for almost any situation; in addition to being used at the end of class, they can also be used throughout the learning process (during class). They can be geared toward one specific skill or knowledge, an overall theme, questions, clarification, and more. Check out the following article on exit tickets and as you read, think about what you relate to or what might be new for you.

Reflect on how you currently use exit tickets in your classroom and celebrate that you're utilizing a great strategy to guide instruction! Pat on the back! Raise the roof! Do a dance!

NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

  • Website: Websites should be up to date and only the new sites are view-able by the public. Please update your link on the weekly Advisory email by copy/paste. Please also continue to use the "assignment tab" for posting information.
  • Finding Kind: This is going out to parents. If you are a 7th or 8th grade teacher please follow the links below so you are familiar.
  • Q1 Dance September 18: 3:30-5:30pm, please remember if you signed up to chaperone this dance.
  • Conference Week: Conferences are week of September 21-25. There are minimum days all this week. Conference request forms should be out to parents this week! Please communicate ASAP if you need Hunt/Edwards/Parr to attend a meeting OR with Aurora if you have a student with SPED services. The earlier the better as to not have issues with double booking.
  • 6th Celebration: The next one is 9/19!
  • Booster Grant: If you need to fill out a booster grant they have started to meet so please do so via Giao!
  • Sunshine Lunch: 1-1:45 in Hobbs’ room 9/10 before PD! Thank you sunshine!
  • Sunshine Needs: Sunshine needs a baby picture or picture of you from your childhood J If you can put this in Courtney’s box in an envelope with your name by Sept 7. that would be great!
  • Yearbook Photos Needed: If you have pictures of students doing projects, enrichment, activities, etc. Courtney would love for you to forward them to her for the yearbook! She needs lots of photos year around, across contents and grade levels. It works best to email, and not text, them to her.
  • Trash Advisory Pick-Up: Has started. On your assigned day please take your advisory out to help clean-up campus. Each grade level will have bags and gloves given so you can pass them around as needed. For the most part there is one advisory assigned per day. Please check all areas of campus that the MS occupies at lunch. Email Taniia for questions.

Share with Advisees:

  • Booster Meeting: The next one is 9/14!
  • Finding Kind: On September 11, 2015 our 7th and 8th grade girls will have an opportunity to watch a documentary calling “Finding Kind” (preview here: https://findingkind.indieflix.com/home/) by the creators of the Kind Campaign. (https://www.kindcampaign.com/) In Finding Kind, filmmakers Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson, who met while in school at Pepperdine University, set out in a cross country journey of discovery and education. Interviewing women and girls along the way about their lives and experiences, Parsekian and Thompson find, among all of the unique personal stories, some universal truths about growing up as girls. Our school counselors will be with the girls as they watch this documentary. Due to the nature of the documentary, the film does have some sensitive references and language. Should you have any questions about the film or would like to opt out, please contact your student’s counselor. Taniia Edwards, Students with last name A-L tedwards@natomas.k12.ca.us or Allyson Parr, Students with last name M – Z aparr@natomas.k12.ca.us The boys will be watching the film “The Blind Side” while the girls are watching their documentary. Our advisories have had a focus on Kindness for Quarter 1 and all 7th and 8th graders will be doing a follow-up Kindness activity in their advisories.
  • Homework Center: Runs Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday after school in the Library from 3-4.
  • Box Top Collection: Box top collection starts Monday Aug 24th and Ends Friday October 16th.The advisory with the most box tops in each grade level will win a pizza party. Please turn in the box tops to advisory.
  • Coupon Book Sales: 6th grade students are selling coupon books to raise money for Science Camp September 1-September 25. See Me Kers for additional details details.
  • Spirit Week September 14-18: Monday-PJ day, Tuesday-Super Hero/Villain day, Wednesday-Sports day, Thursday-Crazy Hair day, Friday-Beach/Hawaiian Day. Students must be in dress code if they are not participating in spirit week.
  • Q1 Dance September 18: 3:30-5:30pm. Students must stay on campus between 3-3:30 in order to go to the dance. Students need to be picked up promptly at 5:30 to ensure student safety.
  • Parent Conferences: Are the week of September 21-25. There are minimum days all this week. Please make sure you sign up with your student’s advisor!
  • Fall Break: Is coming soon! September 28-October 9.
  • Clubs Meet at Lunch:

Film Club will be Tuesday and Wednesday in Michaelis’ room O-4

Alliance will meet every Wednesday in Weizeorick’s room I-3

Soccer Meets Tuesdays and Wednesdays with Larin K-3

Yearbook will meet every other Friday of the month in Snelling’s room O-3.

Choir will meet Tuesdays in Hobbs room H-3

Gardening will be digging Mondays on the fire lane w/Mrs. Clark.