come to our event

lets discuss series issues in a fun way

our first meeting is coming soon

in the club we are going look at the causes of series issues like poverty, drought, homelessness and school dropping. some of the series problems include civilized countries such as Canada and some include the developing countries especially African countries. we are going to discuss the problems and try to solve them with our creative idea. So attending the club would be effective and fun :)

reviving human rights

Thursday, Jan. 15th, 3:15pm

1150 Dream Crest Road

Mississauga, ON

we will meet up in room 119 first floor every Monday and Friday. Try to bring friends to the club so fun and creativity will be shared more
3:15-3:30 gathering up

3:30-4:00 discussing topics that are up to date

4:00-4:45 watching TED talks

4:45-5:10 playing games and eating snacks

our positive effects!!

My club is going to have a positive affect when my goal of this club starts to spread around and when people remember that we are trying to solve the symptoms not the causes of the social problems. The club is going to have a positive effect when the number of visitors increases because the bigger the club the better and tmore ideas are going to be shared and they might be part of realty