JCMS Team 10

September 9 - 13, 2019

Schoolwide Information

October 11--End First Quarter

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Language Arts

In Language Arts we will be starting a new short story, "The Necklace." Students will discuss irony and character motivation while addresing the overarching essential question, "How and why is truth manipulated?"

U.S. History

This week in U.S. History finished up our DBQ on Valley Forge and started to discuss the creation of this new country called the United State. It was a weird week with me being out sick for a day and a half, but the students did a good job staying on top of things.

Next week we will begin to research the Articles of Confederation, and its weaknesses, which lead to the creation of the Constitution. We will spend about a month on the Constiution, Bill of Rights, the structure of the U.S. government and our rights as citizens.


We have just finished solving one-step equations and two-step equations. This week, we will be simplifying expressions by combining like terms and using the distributive property.

The schedule for this week is:

Monday--simplifying expressions with both distributive property and combining like terms

Tuesday--Mini-Quiz 2 over one- and two-step equations, distributive property, and combining like terms

Wednesday--Solving equations with distributive property & NB Check

Thursday--review all topics learned so far this year



This week we started talking about the electromagnetic spectrum. They had a virtual lab broken up into four parts with discussion boards on schoology. We started cornell notes on the different wave of the electromagnetic spectrum, which will be completed Monday next week.

There are assignments on schoology and, as always, I am an email away! nicholenay@usd475.org

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