Summer Reading Smore

Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet By.Jamie Ford

Book Summary

"Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter and Sweet" is about Henry Lee and at two stages in his stage in 1942 when he is a twelve year old with a crush on a Japanese girl and another stage in 1986 when he is recently loses his wife from cancer and is living in Seattle.

At the beginning of the book,Henry joins a crowed outside of the Panama Hotel,a hotel that had been boarded up for a long time.The owner was clearing the hotel out and found many belongings of the Japanese families that where sent away to camps during World War Two.While the owner was clearing out the hot Henry remembers Keiko and his friendship with her and remembers what he gave up to help her.

In the chapters of Henry's life when he was younger.A aftermath of Pear Harbor asian people had a misplaced fear. At home Henrys Chinese parents didn't let him to speak anything but English, because they fear he will be mistaken for Japanese. At the school Henry attends on scholarship he is the only Asian kid.When a Japanese girl named Keiko Okabe joins his school, they form a friendship.Soon they got separated by the government because the US had declare the West Coast a military zone and begin to evacuate all people of Japanese descent.Henry who has gained the respect of Keiko and her family and they trust him, he hides the Okabe’s family photographs and travels to visit Keiko at many different internment camps. Henry does this even though his father had order him not to and when his father finds out Henry is doing this his father stops speaking to him, and makes Henry a stranger in his own home.

Character Analysis

This story tells us about two stages of Henry's life.One stage when he's a young boy and other when he is grown up.Henry as a young Asian boy goes to an all white child elementary school and is the only Asian kid.When a Japanese girl named Keiko Okabe joins they form strong friendship.Henry has a love for jazz music.Henry does not choose his friends based on what color there skin is or what race they are.He was born in America even though he would like to consider himself one. Henry doesn't care about popularity. He hides photos for Keiko’s family when there sent away to interment camps.


I enjoyed this book not one of my favorites.Not because the book was bad or anything I just wasn't that hooked on it.But I'm sure people who like world war stuff and enjoy reading about Japanese interment camps this book would be good for those types of people.