Estacada Middle School: Wk18 S1

The Final Week of the Semester

School takes place Monday through Wednesday from 8:50am-3pm

Students must log into Canvas for Life class by 8:50am each day

Thursday and Friday: No School!

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The End of the 1st Semester and Start of the 2nd Semester

What: This is the final week of learning in Semester 1. It has been 18 weeks since we have started school this year. For nearly all of your student's classes, learning will continue as any typical week. However, in the elective class, your student's learning will stop. Knowing this will help you to interpret the school's report card being sent to you in two weeks.

Why: The end of the semester brings you an opportunity to determine the learning progress your student is making. For all of your student's classes (except their elective), the learning measurement will continue to be influenced by upcoming assignments and assessments. The elective course your student is enrolled in will end on 2/3. Your student will begin a new elective course on 2/8.

How: Please sign into PowerSchool to view your student's proficiency measures. If you notice an "M" or a "1" this should be an alert, red flag for you to communicate with your student's teachers or administrators.

  • M: Your student did not show any evidence of learning and the professional cannot make a determination about whether or not your student is capable of grade-level skills.
  • 1: Your student is not demonstrating at all any grade-level skills. Your student's learning is incomplete with many gaps.
  • 2: Your student is progressing toward grade-level skills. Your student's learning may demonstrate some grade-level skills and weaknesses on other skills.
  • 3: Your student is demonstrating grade-level skills.
  • 4: Your student is excelling and demonstrating mastery on grade-level skills.

Reminder: Please sign into PowerSchool weekly to view your student's progress. Consider attending Spring Conferences on April 14 and 15. Please plan on attending the "Parent Learning Series" at 6:00pm beginning on 2/18 via Zoom Webinar and Facebook Live to learn about the academic expectations we have set for your student.

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A Return to In-person Learning

Estacada Middle School's plan for a return to in-person learning:

  • Families will be contacted by the school when their student will begin
  • Small groups of students will begin attending in-person learning on 2/16
  • Students are a part of either "Track A" or "Track B." You can view this track in PowerSchool
  • Students in Track A attend school in person on Monday and Tuesday
  • Students in Track B attend school in person on Wednesday and Thursday
  • When your student isn't attending in-person, it is expected she/he attend virtually
  • Groups will grow larger each week when the school demonstrates its ability to limit the transmission of the virus
  • When beginning a return to in-person learning, your student will attend school from 10:10 to 3:00. This is the "core block" your student participates in daily.

Parent Learning Series! Feedback About Your Student's Learning

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 6pm

This is an online event.

We want to provide you with frequent updates and evidence about how well your student is learning at EMS. Join us for a 5-part series to discuss your student's learning at EMS.

All dates and times are virtual via Facebook Live and Zoom Webinar:

--February 18 at 6:00pm: Math

--March 4 at 6:00pm: Social Studies

--March 16 at 6:00pm: Language Arts

--April 1 at 6:00pm: Science

--April 22 at 6:00pm: PE/Health

In this series, you will learn about what Standards-based Learning means for your student and what tools are used to measure your student's grade-level learning and progress.

Now Hiring Substitutes

The Estacada School District is offering a great opportunity for flexible work in your community working on campus in our schools. We have several substitute openings available in the following areas: nutrition services, transportation, custodial, paraeducators, and teaching. Check out the opportunities and apply at
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6th and Main: Safe Routes Plan for EMS

Thank You to the City of Estacada for Supporting a Safe Route to and from School!

Safe Routes to School: City of Estacada Supports Safe Routes to EMS!

View the plan, here!

During construction, use alternate routes if possible. The project should be completed by early March at the latest.

The redesign of the intersection will shorten the crosswalk on Main Street from 80’ to 34’.

The time it takes for pedestrians and vehicles to cross the intersection will decrease significantly. Visibility of pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the street will be improved. A crosswalk will be installed on NE 6th at Main Street with ADA ramps (there is no marked crosswalk there currently)

Other projects completed by the City to improve pedestrian safety in the vicinity of the schools:

  • Addition of the pedestrian bridge over Wade Creek on NE 6th near Cemetery Road
  • Replaced diagonal crosswalk west of the high school driveway with perpendicular crosswalk and continental markings and signs
  • Finished sidewalks on the south side of NE 6th Avenue between NE Wade Street and NE Zobrist Street
  • Realigned the crosswalk at NE 6th and NE Wade Street

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In the City’s Active Transportation Plan it notes some benefits of using this design.

  1. Makes pedestrians feel more comfortable and safe
  2. Provides more pedestrian area at the corner
  3. Shortens the crossing distance
  4. Requires vehicles to move more slowly around the corner

This realignment will work better for buses and large vehicles trying to negotiate the right turn from Main St onto NE 6th. It will not hinder vehicles making the right turn from NE 6th onto Main. Removal of the right turn lanes will add more on-street parking spaces.

Bell Schedule Reminder (See Below)

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Math iReady Diagnostic Assessment

This week your student will complete the second "iReady Diagnostic" assessment if they have not yet already done so. This is a tool for us (the parent, the student, the teacher, and the administrator) to learn about your student's strengths and areas for development.

It is very important that your student try their best and answer truthfully and honestly throughout the assessment because individualized instruction is developed from the results of this tool.

Two weeks ago we provided you with more information during a Facebook Live Webinar on Thursday 1/21 at 6:15pm. See the video below or view this link here to learn more about the Diagnostic at EMS.

Guidance for Families Administering Diagnostic from Home 1
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View Your Student's Classroom and Activities in Canvas (See How Below)

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Using My Observer Account
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Excused Absences

Please remember to inform us of any excused absence if your student is unable to be present online for all or part of a school day, by calling 503-630-8516 or emailing

Regardless of their excused absence, your student will continue to be required to submit any work that was missed at the soonest possible opportunity.

We are flexible and here to support you, but we also need to ensure that your student is providing us with evidence of their progress to meet our essential learning standards.

Unexcused Absences

As we progress deeper into the school year, your student's attendance will begin to matter more and more. Let us support you ,and work with you, to help your student attend class. To be marked present, your student must do both of the following:

1.Participate meaningfully in class activities (Fully complete school work, speak up in Zoom sessions, ask questions of their teachers on Zoom and/or in Canvas and finish and submit responses to assignments and/or surveys)

2.Communicate with their teacher or another staff member for each period they attend by responding to their teacher's prompts, sending a private message via Canvas or email about the task or assignment if they are not participating live. This communication is not simply saying, "I'm here." It must show a greater level of engagement to count toward being present that day.

If your student has difficulty accessing videos, Zoom meetings or assignments, please have them email their teacher as soon as possible to receive suggestions for how to resolve the issue, so they can be marked present for that class.

See Teacher contact information below.

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Do You Need Something from EMS? Come in: Safely!

In order to adhere to OHA, ODE and CDC Covid-19 guidelines, we've instituted a new protocol for visits to our main office.

All Visits to the EMS Office:
  • When you arrive at the main door, ring the buzzer to your right and we'll come out to meet you.
  • Please be wearing your mask. If you don't have a mask, we will provide one for you.

Picking Up or Dropping off Items
  • The District Transportation office has set up a delivery system that will bring items from the school directly to your home the day after a delivery need has been identified.
  • If you need the item sooner than the next day or two, or if you need to drop something off with us, please call our office at 503-630-8516 or email to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Thanks for your cooperation with this new protocol that we hope will keep all of us safe!
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Athletics Update at EMS

Currently the Mt. Hood/The Gorge middle school league is planning to follow OSAA policies as closely as possible. The league has set a tentative date to begin official practices for volleyball and cross country on March 1st.

All Oregon middle schools are following the state guides on the pictures below. Currently Clackamas county is in the red (extreme risk) and can only have outdoor practices with no more than 50 people total (for minimal to medium contact sports). Full contact sports may only condition/ train within these rules.

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Estacada Middle School

Our mission is to equip each student with the skills necessary to be resourceful and successful.

Go Tigers!