information about carrying on during this time


This newsletter brings a lot of information about our plans to move forward with online learning. You will find information from the administration and counselor, resources for parents, and an overview of our online learning plan. Please contact the school with any questions, and remember to check the school website and Facebook page for updates that occur after this newsletter has been posted.

Item pick up from school

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will be dedicating time for parents to call the school and schedule a time to pick up their child’s personal belong’s in the school. unfortunately, we can not allow students and parents into the building, but we will collect your child’s belongings from their locker, PE locker, and band instruments with your permission, bag them up, and deliver them for curbside delivery. Please call the school prior to coming up and schedule a time that we can handoff your child’s belongings. If you do not pick up your child’s personal belongings this week, we will have future opportunities to do so in the coming weeks and if anything still remains at the school by the end of the year we will bag them up, tag them, and hold them in a secure area for parents to pick up when available.

Parent Resources

This is a stressful time for all of us, and we know that parents are dealing with so many different things at the same time. The link below has many resources for parents that might be helpful is navigating through these times as we strive to deal with COVID-19, learning at home, changes in routine, and worries about the future.


Counseling will still be provided through our school counselor, Annie Grann. Her counseling can be done face to face or via Zoom. If a student is in need of counseling please contact the school.

Counseling services will still be provided through The Village as well.

School Breakfast and Lunch Program

We will continue to offer lunch for all children ages 1-18 next week and we will also be offering breakfast as of Tuesday too. These meals are free of charge and can be delivered to anyone in our district, including in rural areas. Breakfasts will be delivered with lunches so there will only be one delivery per day. We strongly recommend all families consider taking advantage of this program. Please e-mail, call the school, or call Martin Bratrud directly at 701-490-4071 and we will get you signed up for this program.


Unfortunately, Prom is suspended indefinitely. We are not going to formally cancel at this time to allow the possibility that maybe we can have it further down the road. But no make-up can be determined at this time. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to find solutions for our students.

Distance Ed. and Dual Credit Classes

All courses for the ND Center for Distance Ed and Dual Credit online classes from DCB will continue as normal. Expectations are for students to stay on track with their courses. The biggest challenge is that our students will have remote access to Mr. Bratrud to get passwords for exams. Please encourage your child to call or text him at 701-490-4071. If they need their passwords. Students can call/text day or night until 11:00 pm.

Overall Plan For Learning

Homework is going to have a whole new meaning to all of us as we strive to help students continue learning away from the Westhope Public School. All teachers have set up Google Classrooms to provide a consistent platform for everyone at WPS. Most students use Google Classroom in at least some of their classes, and we have been very impressed at how quickly students are responding to emails and invitations to join newly developed Google Classrooms.

Teachers will spend the week of March 23-27 reaching out to students and preparing their online platforms.

Teachers will post their first lessons by Monday, March 30th, 2020 with introductions and overviews. Students can start getting acclimated to this new learning format.

We are working to deliver clear plans that will move learning forward without overwhelming students and parents. We are thankful in advance for patience as we work out any kinks that might take place. The staff will be meeting regularly and virtually to discuss how we can continue to improve and strengthen teaching and learning.

Teachers will be posting their "office hours" in their Google Classrooms with details about how students can check in during live online meetings or contact the teacher through email and/or remind to answer questions, check-in, listen to mini-lectures, participate in discussions, or just say, "hello."

We are excited about these opportunities for students and teachers to interact simultaneously, but we also understand that students' schedules will not always be the same as their teachers' schedules. We hope that students will make efforts to attend these live sessions and office hours. We know that it will not always be possible for every student to attend every session, and so recordings will be available for students who cannot attend the live sessions.

If students have any problems with technology, they should contact their teacher. Their teacher will then contact the correct people to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Distance Learning Feasibility

Distance Learning Feasibility

Last Wednesday, while we were surveying people on their capabilities for remote education, we asked every household if they had internet and if they had a tablet or computer that the students could use. I am happy to say that we have an overwhelming amount of families with internet capabilities. We have been in contact with SRT to get the families that lack the internet the services they need to be successful.

When looking at devices, we have found a vast majority of our families have an item their student could use. If a student or family did not have a device or if there are not enough devices in the household for the students, we are loaning out Chromebooks to the students to use in this process at no charge to the family. If you find that your device does not work, or you have a need for a device, please contact the school and we will provide one for you to use during these uncharted times.

Distance Learning Information for Westhope High School Students

If you have questions please contact Martin Bratrud.

Distance Learning Information For Westhope Elementary Students

Most elementary teachers have made contact with students and parents by now. Assignments and tasks will be posted on Google Classroom. Teachers plan to consistently meet with students virtually using Zoom. Each classroom teacher has their own expectations and goals for their classroom during this time.

If you have questions, please contact your child's classroom teacher.

Our main Learning Platforms

Google Classrooms


Zoom for Kids: How to Set Up the Zoom App for Students and Parents