Mercedes Rodriguez Gomez

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Major Elements of Design


-Vertical: on the handrail, cabinets and fireplace. Give to the space a strength impression.

-Horizontal: on the ceiling and some furniture adding a sense of rest, serenety and relax.

-Diagonal: on the banister railing. Provides a movement feeling.

-Curves: in armchairs, fireplace and lamps breaking seriousness in the room.


Rectangles shapes of the carpets, squares ones of the paintings and solid legs of furniture convey stabillity.

Circle shapes on the tables legs of the furniture transmit instability.


Furniture grapings divide this large room into small spaces for different activities.

Between the eating table and the armchairs in front of the fireplace there is a wide corridor giving the feeling of freedom and openess. In this living room due to the way how the furnishings are placed you will never feel oppression or feeling that you drop the house above


The room has many differents types of textures. From velvet on the armchairs, a soft surface on the eating table, irregular paint in the paintings, wood on the floor, crystal in the middle of the sofas to cement on the ceiling.


In the living room the dominant colors are blue and orange, creating a complementary scheme. I t has some accents, as green, white brown and black. I do not want to say the color scheme is a triad (blue, orange and green) because the green color has been used in less amount than the other.

This color scheme in concret combines a warm color with a cool color, so it is interesting because it is not like the typical single rooms combining cool colors with cool colors or warm colors with warm colors.

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These are vivid colors, whereby put us in a good mood.

Turquoise is the color of communication, and orange is associated benign warmth of the sun.

In a living room we seek a comfortable space to talk with family and friends. We achieve this feeling with a well choice of the color scheme and appropriate furniture, because the armchairs are oriented to the same point facing each other so it helps to start a conversation.


It is a traditional-modern style because it changes the classical traditional using modern colors as the green, blue, with the zebra print.
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Lovely because...

I choose this space because I think the colors of the furniture are pretty, the design is original and the room has great ilumination.

If I had to pick out a living room I would like to put in my house I would elect one style pretty similar to this one.