from your new Librarian


Hello there!

I'm Regan Schwartz, your new Upper School Librarian. First of all, I'd like to send a hearty thank you - you've all made me feel so welcome! As you may have noticed, our library is in a state of flux at the moment and likely will be for some time as we figure out what the space and program could and should look like and house. Our web presence is also in flux, with a new website in the works. In the mean time, all of the resources you know and love are still available at

I truly appreciate your patience as I work to rearrange the physical space to pave the way for simultaneous multiple uses of the library (an ambitious goal, I know!). So please, stop by if you get the chance. Let's get the Keurig humming and start planning. Also, as I plan for new policies and procedures, please don't hesitate to let me know what you love about the current library program and what you'd like to see in the future.

One quick policy change: due dates! Students may check out library materials for three weeks, and faculty for thirty days.

My To-Read Pile

The pile of books in my to-read book shelf grows ever taller and runs the gamut, from science fiction to literary criticism. These are three at the (literal) top of the pile. What are you reading?

What can the library do for you?

Of course your librarian would say that your library can do anything! And I am so excited to test drive new programs and collaborative efforts. Let's

  • use the space creatively
  • infuse your classes with information/media literacy skills through long-term and short-term collaborations
  • explore new high-and-low tech teaching and learning tools
  • create time and space for student inquiry and self-directed learning
  • create the time and space for faculty inquiry and self-directed learning
  • get our hands dirty (figuratively and literally)
  • make things
  • grow things
  • fix things
  • solve problems
  • change the world

All as we continue to build a print and digital collection that makes us all proud and gets everyone excited about reading, writing, inquiry, and exploration.

About Your Librarian

Ms. Schwartz just arrived in sunny Austin, Texas. Originally from Massachusetts, she spent the last 11 years teaching and librarian-ing in NYC. Ask her about her dog, Gizimodo (because you're probably going to hear about him anyway!), what she's reading/ watching/ listening to lately, or her latest Lego creation.