Bearcat Brief

September 23, 2016


A few students have taken advantage of the Shout-Outs box. Please encourage them to offer specific praise to one another through this avenue.

At first, I thought I wanted it to be just a student-to-student tool, but I'm re-thinking that- let's use it for teacher to student positive messages as well.

When these are delivered Friday afternoon, let's make a big deal about those students getting shout-outs.


I have been doing a lot of thinking about positivity lately and how we can model it more. While students did an outstanding job of generating "bucket filling" ideas last Friday, more than half of them were "don't do's" rather than proactive ways to show kindness.

Here are a few notes I found: (Source= Teach Like a Champion 2.0)

Positive Framing- Guide students to do better work while motivating and inspiring them by using a positive tone to deliver constructive feedback

People are motivated by the positive far more than by the negative. Seeking success and happiness will spur stronger action than seeking to avoid punishment.

Strategies you can implement immediately:

  • Live in the Now- talk about what students can do to fix and to succeed from now on. "I need your eyes on me" instead of "you're not watching"
  • Assume the best- assuming ill intent is judgmental and makes you appear weak. Assume all students will do as you ask. Offer improvements not judgments. "This is how we..." is better than "You weren't..."
  • Allow plausible anonymity: "Some people did not follow directions the whole way, lets try that again" (Group responsibility)
  • Build momentum and narrate the positive: Narrating the negative makes negative seem normal. Students want to hear a story that's good and getting better. "I still need 3, now 2, thank you everyone"
  • Challenge: Have competitions to prove what they can do- against groups, against the clock...
  • Talk aspirations and expectations: It's useful if your praise sets a goal larger than your own opinion. "In high school, the expectations will be..." "People in the workforce..."

Professional Reading:

Parent Contact

You guys have been doing an outstanding job keeping parents informed of student progress. I know this isn't an easy task, but I really appreciate it. Don't forget to make some positive contacts as well. If for no other reason that it just makes you feel appreciative that we have great kids to work with.

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I made a facebook page for HMS this morning as another avenue to share good news about what is going on in and outside of class. Please like the page when you get a chance:

Upcoming Events


September 26-29- Hermann 7th Grade Tournament

  • 9/26- Book- Debbie Brethorst, Clock- Josh Vinyard, Gate- Becky Summers, Concessions- Anne Worland
  • 9/27- Book- Debbie Brethorst, Clock- Josh Vinyard, Gate- Kara Emmons, Concessions- Anne Worland
  • 9/28- Book- Debbie Brethorst, Gate- Paige Brown, Concessions- Jade Kiser, STILL NEEDED: Clock
  • 9/29- Book- Debbie Brethorst, Clock- Josh Vinyard, Gate- Becky Summers STILL NEEDED: Concessions

September 26-29- Washington 8th Grade Tournament

September 30- Student of the Month Assembly, Snack Day


October 1- Draft of PD Plan due to shared Google folder

October 3- Walking Program Kickoff- 4:30

October 3- 7/8 Grade Girls Basketball vs. Bland- 5:30

  • Book- Hosick, Clock- Josh Vinyard, Gate- Jennifer Burns, Concessions- Betsy Stephan

October 4- Cross Country Home Meet at Loutre Shores Golf Course- 4:00

October 4- 7/8 Girls Basketball @ St. Clair Middle School- 5:30

October 5- 7/8 Girls Basketball @ Washington Middle School- 5:30

October 7- 5th Grade PLC- 8:15

October 7- Homecoming Parade- 3:30