Dog Song

By Gary Paulsen


The novel Dog Song is about a young boy who lives in an Eskimo village. Throughout this novel the young boy Russel finds himself stuck in some pretty hard situations. In Russel's home in Alaska he has to depend on his dogs and his weapons to stay alive. Finally, he must mostly depend on his elders to teach him the ways of hunting, making shelter, but mostly surviving.

Hook or Taglines:

Will Russel gain trust with his dogs and survive in the cold tundra of Alaska? you will just have to read Dongsong to find out for yourself!


This novel takes place in the cold windy climate of Alaska. In a small Eskimo village that only survives by depending on each other. Some of the main events that occur in this novel are when Russel gains trust with his dogs. Also when Oogruk had died out on the ice in peace. Finally, when Russel had left his father to go live with Oogruk to learn about the old ways of the village.

About me

My name is Anthony G. and i am fourteen years old. My birthday is October 2, 1999. I was born in Waukesha Wisconsin, and i have one brother. I play football and ski in my spare time. I also like to go on vacations with my family and my friends.

Final Reflection:

Q:Describe three things you learned from reading this book?A: I learned that when eskimos are lost while mushing their dogs, the dogs always know the ways home. Also i learned that eskimos wear different parkas as layers, such as a squirrel skin, seal skin, or a deer skin parka. Finally, i learned that most eskimos dont have the propper education because they fovus on survival and not to be smart and educated instead.

Q:All books are written for a purpose with specific themes in mind. what might be some possible themes for your novel? explain why you think they are themes.A: Some possible themes for my novel could be love, cooperation, friendship, hope, or respect. these are all themes for my novel because they all can relate to different sections of the book and they all can express the mood changes in which happens throughout my novel.

About The Author

Gary paulsen was born May 17, 1939. Gary is currently 74 years old and still writing novels. Also he was born and raised in minneapolis, minnesota. Gary got his education at bemidji state university, and graduated. He is married to Ruth Right Paulsen, and has no children. He has been awarded the Newberry medal award three times due to his writing.