TPSF Summer Academy Robotics 1.5

Week 4 - July 9, 2018 - July 12, 2018

Week 4

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with your student for the past four weeks. Their hard work has paid off in expanding their knowledge of Vex Robotics and the engineering design process. Follow the links below to get a glimpse into their achievements from Summer Academy 2018!

- Mrs. Steinhaus & Mr. Byrns

Robotics 1.5 Showcase Videos

Teams 1-2: Brian, Will, Shervin, Xavier

Teams 3-4: Emmy, Amy, Abhisri, Asha

Teams 5-6: Harry, Conner, Ivan, Audrey

Teams 7-8: Madison, Jane, Andie, Chelsey

Teams 9-10: Chris, Miles, Sidd, Colin

Teams 11-12: Nathan, Jack, Noah, Junhyung

Team 13: Catcher, Jacob

Team 14: Daniel, Patrick

Team 15: Joshua, Brandon

Team 16: Hennah, Elise

Team 17: Khushi, Anika

Team 18: John, Jackson

Team 19-20: Eisen, Kirsten, Jason, Junseo