Newfoundland And Labrador

One of the most amazing places to travel to is Newfoundland. It has mainly perfect weather, great tourist sites and most of all the Newfie's have their own unique language and personalities.


The weather in Newfoundland is perfect in the summer months. Heat normally stays in the 20 degrees celsius zone making it a comfortable temperature. The highest the temperature has ever gotten is 36.7 degrees celsius but that was back in August 22, 1976. Because Newfoundland is surrounded by water it makes it foggy all year round. Rain is normally something you can avoid depending on what part of Newfoundland your traveling to. The East Coast gets a majority of the rain and fog.

Tourist sites

Newfoundland has thousands of tourist sites to choose from. They have many museums, old castles, National parks, lighthouses, and stores. Even so one of the many reasons people travel to Newfoundland is for fishing. Since there is so much water in and around Newfoundland it makes it the perfect place to go fishing. There are multiple kinds of fish and many of them are trophy sized.


As for the Newfie's themselves they have there own language and personality. Newfie's are the most joyful and friendly people you could ever find. Who could blame them in a place like that. The Newfie's have their own unique language called Newfinese. They even have their own dictionary created in 1998.

So now you can see why Newfoundland is one of the most amazing places to travel to. Now this is from my point of view so who would know if it would be perfect for you. The only possible way for you to know is if you traveled there yourself to see.