Get Your Digital Footprint HERE!

....And what anyone else can see about you.

What is a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is anything that relates to your social life on media and digitally.

Yes, that includes your Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram accounts.

So... Who cares?


Your digital footprint will follow you for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Your dream job is on the line? Don't forget that Facebook scandal with your old job from when you were 17.

Yup, still there.

What is MY Digital Footprint?

My footprint consists of many things, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and practically anything I can find on Google about myself.

Leisure and Its Importance

I mainly use Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter are used to communicate with people I know and for entertainment.

I follow a lot of interests on Facebook and Twitter.

I use Google and any of its side bars to do projects or more formal works.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google

Facebook is a BIG responsibility. Anything I do or am tagged in is part of my digital footprint. For example, if I'm tagged in something inappropriate, it says a lot of negative things about me.

I only use Twitter for follow interests, so the things it says about me is that I am interested in the Army, I am athletic and enjoy running, and I am a fun person.

The only things I have on Google is different projects and presentations. People who see it might say I look like a very studious person.

These three social media will impact my future in many ways, such as

  • Choosing a Career
  • Education (Colleges, Universities)
  • Resumes
  • Who I'm Seen As

How Much Can A Digital Footprint Hurt Me? ...It's just One Post.

That's not what SHE thinks.

MY digital footprint can impact my future in many ways. I mostly post positive things about myself, which I hope help me in the long run.

Yes, there are helpful digital footprints,

Such as:

  • Helping portray interests
  • Posting services/volunteer work
  • Relevant Pictures

But, while there are good things, there are also harmful footprints,

Such as:

  • Inappropriate posts
  • Bad language
  • Negative interests

So...What Can I Do?! Is it Too Late?

Absolutely NOT!

You can do many things to improve your online identity.

  • Clear up any negative posts/pictures
  • Publish POSITIVE posts

You can always delete some of the negative posts or make new ones clearing up any misunderstandings.

After that, publish some posts that will make a positive impact!

What I Have Learned This Semester.

I learned many things this semester in Digital Literacy.

I didn't know what went online would affect us in the future or even that it was important.

I learned that to maintain a positive digital identity is to post positive things about yourself and portray yourself as someone positive and likable.