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Examples of the different types of skills in IT jobs

There are 3 main different types of skills, these are specific, general, and attitudes/soft skills. Specific skills mean that the skill that you posses is specific to the role that you have applied for, an example of this is if you was going for an database manipulation job and have leaned SQL this is a specific skill to the role. General skills mean that it applies in any job that you will go for, examples of this are customer service, communication and problem solving skills because these skills are practical in any workplace you will enter. The last skills are attitudes/soft skills these are more to do with your personality and how long you have worked for, examples of these skills are timekeeping skills, teamwork skills and adaptability all of these skills can change based on a person personality or attitude although most will just be learned anyway because these skills are valuable in the workplace.

IT Support Analyst, Greywood, Staines, London TW184HN

Technical maintenance of network, server, security, firewall, routing, LANs, WANs this is a specific skill because it requires it to be learned just to do that singular things for that role, these skills are more for getting you a job interview and then you would use the other skills to get the job but these skills are important because it shows that you have learned and used something in the workplace and shows that you would be willing to learn anything you can to improve yourself.

Customer service is a general skill and is one of the most important skills to have in any job because no matter what job you get there will always be ways to use this skill. The reason this is valved by the employer is that is shows you have experience in dealing face to face and on the phone with a customer. This gives off a good impression especially in you are working in support because the employer will know that you have experience in answering the phone or taking face to face with someone with with help both them and you a lot.

The last skill is attitudes/soft skills and example of this is a can do attitude in this role this soft skill is key because he is not only maintaining the companies IT infrastructure he is also helping support so if he is willing to do more it shows the employer that he wants to work in the company and is willing to do anything to get him there. This will give him a better chance of being employed by showing these skills

Senior Back End Developer, Engage PSG

Degree in computer sciences or similar sciences is a specific skill, this skill is key because it will at least get him an interview the the employer where he can go inter more detail on what he has done and how much experience he has doing it. This also shows the employer that the person is academic and committed to what he is doing with him having a degree and he wants to work with that role.

Communication is a general skill and can be applied in all work places this shows the employer that he has good communication skills and that this skill will help him communicate with not only the company but with some of the project being out sourced he has to communicate with them so having good communication skills would be a must for the employer which will give him a good chance of getting employed.

Good time keeping skills are attitude/soft skill these skills are some of the most important skills to have as an employer already knows your qualifications and now whats to know what other skills you have to help move the company forward. Good time keeping skills are key because with the project being outsourced and also some being done in house you will have to keep to deadlines since it could have a knock on effect so if you can give good examples and demonstrate that you have these skills you will be in a better position to be employed in this job.