Manitou Springs Middle School

April 9th, 2021

Dear Middle School Families,

We are off to a great start to the fourth quarter and Manitou Springs Middle School. Our message to students is to finish the school year strong. We still have 7 important weeks of teaching and learning to go. During this time, our staff will continue to support students with the following instructional strategies: have students speak in complete sentences, teach students what to say instead of “I don’t know,” and randomize and rotate when calling on students.

Upcoming Schedule

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CMAS This Week

Testing will take place Tuesday -Thursday, April 13-15 using the following schedule:
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Manitou Springs School District encourages full participation of every student in assessments. Parents are allowed to excuse their student from any state mandated assessment. If you would like to opt your student out please email our District Assessment Coordinator at

For parents who chose to opt in for additional CMAS testing, those tests will take place Monday-Wednesday, April 19, 20, & 21

Plexi-Glass Barriers Update

We have used the plexi-glass barriers this year to create an environment where there was an added layer of separation between individuals. We are thankful for everyone's commitment to using these barriers this school year.

Our COVID Response Team meets daily, and we are consistently reflecting on and reviewing our practices. The usage of masks continues to be the primary tool for creating a barrier, in conjunction with physical distancing when possible. That being said, our team has determined that the usage of barriers are now at a place where we can phase them out of the school day.

  • Some teachers may want to continue to use the barriers in their classes, which is okay.

  • Some parents and students may want to continue to use the barriers. This is also okay.

If you would like your student to continue to use a barrier in class, please contact your school’s front office. Any child will be able to continue to use a barrier without explanation.

If your student's teacher wants to continue to use barriers in their classroom, all students will need to continue to use barriers in that class.

There are many different reasons that a child or teacher might want to continue to utilize these plexi-glass barriers, and we want to be respectful of those individual reasons when it comes to this matter.

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