By: Ezequiel Munoz 8-4

Movie Moment

In the exposition, what does the mood of this farm setting feel like before the aliens arrive? The mood is peaceful, quiet and lonely.


Person v. Supernatural. The conflict is the student alien is trying to abduct the sleeping man.


Main characters: student, teacher, sleepy man

Setting: a farm and a spaceship

Rising action

1. The student abducts the man but hits him on the wall.

2. The student gets frustrated and hit all the controls

3. The students finds a manual and and finds how to lift the man out


The student lifts the human out of his room.

Falling action

1. The student picks up the man and drops him.

2. The teacher saves the man and the student gets depressed. The teacher feels bad and let's the student drive home


The student crashes the spaceship into the ground and leaves the human in a canyon.