BE FIT!!!!!

An interactive health curriculum

Complex curriculum

Over the course of a month you will create a personal portfolio that tracks your heart rate, both resting and after 20 minutes of physical activity, from the first day of class through the end of the month. This input is expected to be added at least 3 times per week.

Students will learn how to calculate their own BMI, body mass index. Links that can help you determine your BMI can be found at and Recordings of changes throughout the month are to be inputted into your portfolio every week. Any changes in your emotional and energy levels throughout this course will also be required.

Exercise from outside of class time can be imported into your portfolio at any time and will help to improve your overall grade.

Students are expected to record changes that they see in themselves both mentally and physically during this time. These should be added to the portfolio weekly.

Our target for the end result of this activity is to create an understanding in each student of the importance of monitoring one's health. By showing the student the ease of tracking these results we hope that they will be continue doing so on their own.


Remember to read the bulletin board for class rules.

Curriculum designed for 9th grade students.