Moffatt's Memo

Sept. 7-11


I am very excited about this year! I am extremely happy to have your child in my class and will do everything I can to make it the best year ever. We have had a wonderful first two weeks and I look forward to a year full of memories!

Calling All Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering to be a class contact or helper, please send me an email. I am currently compiling my list of parent helpers.

If you are planning to volunteer at any time this year at school or at school functions, you will need to be sure to go online and complete a volunteer application. This must be updated each year. Once you are approved, you will be contacted.

Want to Volunteer for our Classroom?

Be sure to fill out this online application!

Remember your Empty Jug!

I am asking each student to bring an empty gallon jug to school. It could be a milk jug, a water jug, or another type. We will be using these to keep supplies in. If your family does not utilize gallon jugs, we will work together to get your child one. If you use lots of gallon jugs, please send your extras until everyone has one.

Parent Orientation Night

Last Wednesday, September 2nd, we held Parent Orientation Night. THANK YOU for coming!! If you were not able to attend, I sent all of the information home with your child on Thursday. If you have any questions about anything I sent, please let me know.

Extra Supplies

In addition to the prepackaged school supplies, students are also needing to bring in hand sanitizer and freezer bags, either gallon or quart sized. Thank you!

Class Flipagrams

I will be posting a flipagram every few weeks on my weekly SMORE. It is a video of still pictures I take of students during the school day, working, playing, learning, and much more. It also involves some of the things we are making and using to learn with. If, for any reason, you do not want your child in these videos, please let me know. They will only be shared with my parent contact list and no names will be attached to the photos.

I enjoy making these for my parents, so that you may see some of the activities we do at school that you wouldn't generally be able to see.

My Contact Info.

Please contact me by email, phone, or send a note. I always have your child's best interest at heart.