By John Durso

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The defintion of invisibiblty means to literally be invisisible. Although if you take it a step further it means to be invisible to a people or a certain type of people are invisible.

The Circuit

The main character, Francisco, is invisible to his family because they never ask him if he wnats to move or where to go. They just tell him what to do. It is invisibilty because they show more importance to the other kids. He also was invisible at school instead of trying to make him feel welcome they did not help him. (Francisco Jimenez

Things Not Seen

Bobby the main character was literally invisible. But another character, Alicia, is blind. She is invisible to the public, she used to have a lot of friends but they all left her. The is invisiblity because she is being left out of public view because she is blind no one notices her. (Andrew Clements)

Homeless Children article

In this article there is a family that lives in Florida. They move from hotel to hotel. The children in their family are 7 years old and 4 years old. They are invisible because when you are that young you need attention from you parents to look after you. These kids are not getting that attention because their parents are focusing on getting a shelter. Being homeless impacts these kids lifes a lot. When they are homeless they do not have all the things to live, such as a house. They do not have things we take for granted. There are 2.5 million children with no home. (Newsela adapted from


In conclusion, Being invisible is very important to us. If it is either real or fake, it is around us everywhere. We can not stop it. It affects many people's lifes daily all around the world.

Through all these sources it shows how inisibiltty affects us.

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