Make one assignment diverse with five different apps.


Videolicious is an app which allows users to create their own video, complete with their personal narrations.

The students can film themselves talking, and are able to display videos while they speak. Music can be added to the final piece (provided by the app or from a personal library on the device) for an extra touch. This app is fun and useful to present knowledge!

It may even be used by teachers to create instructional videos, to explain concepts, etc.

Oh, and it's free!


StoryKit is an app that allows users to create their own "story books" on their mobile device. It has the options to upload or take new photos, add text, add color and drawings, and also to record voice notes.

It is preloaded with a few fairy tales, all age appropriate for kids, and once you publish your story it is added to the bookshelf with the others. A link is given so you may review the book from other devices and email it to the teacher for assessment.

This app is free, and has no ads or in-app purchases.


Fotobabble is a free app that allows you to upload a picture, make any typical editing to it, add "stickers" or text, and finally record your voice talking about the picture. ...Or humming theme music, whatever you like.

When you're happy with the finished piece, it will be saved in your app and can be emailed, shared on Facebook, or sent via text.


Corkulous is a bulletin board app to which users can pin a variety of post-it notes, to-do lists, images, files, and other items you would find on a typical bulletin board. It includes a "sample board" in which it explains the features, giving the user a kick start to what they can do with it.

Once finished, the user can export a PDF file of their complete board.

The app is free, though it does offer in-app purchases, and would therefore require warning students and parents about clicking on these purchases. A school iPad would not have any credit card information linked to the account, but using a parent's device there may be access to credit cards.

Total Recall - Mind Map

Total Recall is a free mind map tool designed for iPad and iPhone, and it's very simple to use. The first map in your library is a tutorial explaining it's functions.

Students can use Total Recall to present their knowledge and synthesize information. Once the mind map is complete, users may save the image to their library, or email it as an image, a PDF, as text, or as a link to the mind map.