All About Brazil

About the Country

Brazil is the largest Portuguese-speaking countries in the world and the only one in both North and South America. The location of Brazil is on the right, highlighted in Green. Brazil, being the largest country in South America has a large coastline of 7,491km (4,655 mi) and covers almost half of South America. The climate is tropical and warm around the year. Brazil shares a border with all South American countries except for Ecuador and Chile and takes up a large portion of the continent.

Brazil, being called one of the most diverse countries, has several different parts to their Ethnic Make-up. This goes from Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish (which makes up a bit over half of the population) to Japanese, Arab, Amerindian. The overall population is around 181 million, which makes up almost half of the population of South America.

The Language

In Brazil, language is one of the strongest elements of the country's national unity. Portuguese, being the main language there, is spoken by almost 100% of the population. However, just like in every country, there are exceptions to the languages. However, the difference between the Portuguese spoken in Brazil and the Portuguese spoken in Portugal is roughly the same difference between English spoken in America and English spoken in Britain. However, there are no dialects of Portuguese in Brazil, only moderate variations in accent, vocabulary, use of personal nouns, pronouns, and verb conjugations.Overall, Brazils language is Brazil and is extremely popular in the country, more than Canada with English.

The Religion + Culture

Approximately 80% of the current day population (181 million) is a part of the Roman Catholic faith. This is mostly because of the dense Portuguese population. Also, during the 16th, 17th and 18th century, Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. However, there are still numbers of indigenous people and immigrants who still speak their own tongues, but these are certainly among the vast minority. Overall, the culture in Brazil is still very strong due to the populace long ago, as the place is still very influenced by the habitants who lived there long ago.