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The Republic of America and The Colonies of America are now occupying the United States of America. The two "countries", so to speak, are at war with each other.

Living in one of the Republic's richest sectors is a teenage girl, named June Iparis. She is only fifteen years old, yet she scored a perfect score on her Trial. Her only legal guardian is her brother, Metias. They're parents were presumably killed because of a car accident.

Day is a fifteen year old boy who lived in the slum sectors of the Republic, scraping by along with his two brothers, his father and his mother. In the present, his father passed away and now he is the Republic's most wanted criminal who is bouncing around the sectors, trying to survive. The weird thing is: he's not the most dangerous criminal out there, but he is the most wanted. Why? Because Day makes the government look bad. The great Republic doesn't have a clue about who Day is, and what his intentions are. They have no leads on him, and they don't have any information on him. However, they do know that his intentions aren't murderous; he's never killed anyone in the past... until now.

While Metias is on a mission to capture Day, he is murdered. All fingers point to Day. June is infuriated, and wants vengeance. She wants Metias' murderer to pay for his crime. After all, Metias was the only family member left.

June--who’s the Republic's prodigy-- and Day--who is the Republic's most wanted felon-- are two teenagers who are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Yet, their destinies are intertwined by fate; this may result in a new future for America.


"A fine example of commercial fiction with razor-sharp plotting, depth of character and emotional arc, Legend doesn't merely survive the hype, it deserves it."--The New York Times.

"Smart, sharp, fast-paced."--Entertainment Weekly.

"Many dystopian books are filling the shelves, but this book stands out."--Library Media Connection, starred review.

Book Review

This book is an excellent read for teens. It has an exhilarating action factor, a love element, and tragic events that makes this book a must-read. I could hardly put this novel down. Marie Lu knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. The plot is so well thought through and complex, and the characters are so developed. It makes you feel like you are a part of the novel. I question how she even thought of this great idea.

I relish the idea of the relationship between June Iparis and Day. They are two, very different people, yet still, one and the same. My favorite character in this novel is Day. His personality reminds me of Percy Jackson, from the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. Both characters share the qualities of an edgy, slick and smooth boy who also seems to inherit good looks, too. They are also both intelligent, strong and brave teenagers. Both have suffered through a lot, but push through and keep their heads held high, which inspires me personally.

Even though some people are sick of dystopian novels nowadays, I love dystopian novels. It makes you think of what our world would be if there was a shift in history or in events. It makes you imagine and think "What if?" Those kinds of books intrigue me, and they also make me think that our world could've turned out much worse than it did.

The plot was very unique, too. Even the though general plot is like any other love story-- a rich girl who has a crush on a poor boy, and they eventually fall in love-- the way Marie Lu wrote it made it distinct and diverse than others, which made this book interesting.

I highly recommend this book; I would give this book a five-star rating. It has so many twists and turns; it makes the story come alive.