Valentine's Day

By: Preethi Kasilingam

History of Valentines Day

Valentine's day is known as the day to celebrate love. There are many theories of why this day exists but the most popular one is that a saint named Valentine fell in love with a jailer's daughter and his last letter to her before he got executed was signed " from your valentine". Now we celebrate love all around and name them our "valentines" in honor of their love

The History of Flowers with Valentine's Day

One of the first things we think about on Valentine's day is the big bouquet of red roses. This custom comes from the old-fashioned custom of giving floral arrangements to your loved ones to pass non-verbal messages. As the years went on people believed that every flower has a specific meaning and it was then that red roses represented love.

Impact of Valentine's Day of Floral Economy

Yes it is true that Valentine's day is a popular holiday to buy flowers for but it isn't the one that makes the most revenue. In fact it is Christmas, surprising I know. But Valentine's day still makes a lot of money for the floral industry. The floral sales have stayed at a constant rate and has not wavered for a long time.

Customer Profile

Everybody buys flowers for Valentine's Day. The people who buy flowers usually buy them for their significant other or for their "valentine". The ages vary anywhere from young aged adults to senior citizens. The most popular ages who buy flowers vary from sixteen to thirty-five. People also buy flowers for not only their significant others but also for their family members or friends.

Love not only today but always