Room 3 News!

December 18, 2015

Monday- Hanukkah

On Monday we learned about the meaning of Hanukkah and some of the fun traditions that go along with that holiday! Here the children are playing the dreidel game.

Tuesday- Kwanzaa

On Tuesday we learn who celebrates Kwanzaa and why. We decided that the principals of Kwanzaa (making good life choices) should be done every day. Here the children made Mkekas for the tables.

Wednesday- Book Buddies

This week we wrote stories with our buddies. We wrote a story about being able to give someone a gift of anything in the world. It was helpful to have the 3rd graders there to help with ideas!

Thursday- Christmas Around the World

On Thursday we talked about Christmas in America as well as Christmas in Germany, Russia and Mexico. We were able to find common traditions around the world and some new ones!

Friday- Polar Express Day

Our classroom was set up as Santa's elves workshop. We started the day by taking a virtual train ride through the snow to the "North Pole!"

Friday- The North Pole!

The children had a snowball fight and played with fake but cold snow!! The children said it felt like real snow!


We spent our day in PJs and enjoyed every minute of it!! Also, since we were elves, we made toys in Santa's workshop!!

Kid's Quote of the Week!

"Are my ears upside down?"
"My favorite part of Christmas is the hugs and kisses!"
"I don't want to miss school for 2 weeks!"