Dracula Chronicle

Mirza Baig and Ekene Anazodo, 7th period


Lucy is loved by so many. Seriously, she got proposed to by: Quincey Morris, Jack Seward, and Arthur Holmwood. Van Helsing thinks she's the sweetest person ever; and even her best friend Mina can't stop talking about how beautiful Lucy is. Lucy's like a child: She's blonde and innocent and seems very vulnerable, which inspires everyone around her to be protective of her. She's innocent and virginal, but she's naturally much more sexy and ample than Mina is. Lucy's so curvaceous that at one point, she says to Mina, "Why can't they let a girl marry three men, or as many as want her, and save all this trouble?" (5.11). Though Lucy wouldn't mind marrying all three of the men who propose to her, she chooses Arthur because she loves him the most.
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Renfield, is a patient in the insane asylum run by Dr. Seward works, a difficult and very strange character, simply because of his abnormal state of mind. He's described as a "lunatic" and a "madman," but there's definitely a method to his madness. It's never made clear how Renfield found out about the count, or why he's so sensitive to the vampire's movements. Nor are we told where Renfield's strange obsession with becoming an immortal by absorbing and consuming other lives came from. Renfield is a puzzle to his doctor, Jack Seward (Owner of the insane asylum), and we only ever hear about Renfield from Dr. Seward's journal entries. He also has a huge crush on Mina and wants to be with her forever.
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Jonathan Harker

Jonathan is the first character introduced in the novel, but ironically also one of the most boring characters in Dracula. He never really opens up and there is little to none character developement for him through out the novel. It's also quite funny how he's the first one to attack Dracula even though he's the least experienced fighter out of all the men in the novel. Besides the fact that he knows multiple languages, he's quite the normal englishmen of his era. He knows how to step up when the time comes, otherwise though he is quite reserved and quiet.

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Mina Murray

Mina is portrayed as a cunning and highly intelligent woman. She's a schoolteacher, which shows that she is independant and is not necessarily in need of someone to rely on. Mina even tags along with Jonathan in his studies, revealing her studious nature. The men in the novel described her as having a mens brain which would be a typical comment for an intelligent women in the victorian era. She's also seen as submissive, repeatedly letting the men in the story know how brave she thinks they are. You can say she shows good traits of both independent and submissive woman.

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