Staff Wellness Challenge

November 2022

Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Challenge , November 2nd-30th, is open to all D49 and charter school staff and is designed to focus on a variety of activities to reflect and express gratitude.

Gratitude has proven to have many wellness benefits, including stronger relationships, increased physical and psychological health, enhanced empathy, reduced aggression, improved self-esteem, reduced stress, increased resilience when faced with trauma, and improved sleep.

The challenge focuses on a variety of gratitude reflective activities to be completed at your pace. Choose an activity to complete through the links below for the appropriate time, then select a different activity to complete each day. Once the activity is completed, click on the link to access the submission form. Each time you submit a response, you will be entered into a prize drawing.

Part 1 November 2-16, 2022

Part 2 November 17-30, 2022

(Submission forms will be open and accept responses within the dates listed. Six total prizes are available. Winners of part 1 will be announced Nov 17th, and part 2 announced Dec 1.)

This information can also be found on D49’s Wellness page.

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