Franklin Pierce

The 14th President Of the United States of America

Franklin Pierce Service Time

Franklin Pierce was president March 4 1853 - March 4 1857.

Background Information

Born on November 23, 1804 - Died, October 8

He attended Phillips Exeter Academy, Went to Bowdoin College.

He had three Children, Franklin Pierce Jr., Franklin Robert Peirce, Benjamin Peirce.

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His Qualifications

He was in the Us Senate and House of representatives.

He was also a U.S Attorney.

He was a soldier in the Mexican American war.

He is a Democrat.

While he was in Presidency.

Enforced neutral civil service.

He had a failed attempt to acquire Cuba from Spain.

His political party left him when he tried to expand the country.

When he was running for president he didn't do much in the campaign he let his allies do all the work.