Responsibility, Comparisons, and Photos!


  • Sounder displayed responsibility many times. When Sounder got shot on the road by the white man, he left the house. The mother told the boy to come back into the house, and Sounder went to treat his own wounds. He went to the woods and healed himself over time. Eventually, he came back to the family, looking for his master. Sounder cared for his master and wanted to help him always. The mother also had responsibility when her husband got taken to jail and she had to tend to the children. She had to take care of the young ones, and trusted the older boy to take charge of the father’s jobs. She also did the responsible thing and took the stolen ham back to the store. The father must be responsible for his children and for their house. He steals the ham because he needs to take care of his family. When he is in jail, he has to go through lots of physical labor, to get back to his family, and take care of them. When the boy’s father is gone and is in jail, the boy must carry on his duties. He must work in the field for his father, which takes great responsibility. He has to go to the big house to get his wages. He also needs to be able to get a good enough education, like reading and writing.

Oprah Winfrey Has Many Responsibilities

  • Oprah Winfrey began her career with her own talk show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and became famous. After years and seasons she began the Oprah Winfrey Network, her own TV Channel. She has also starred in many movies and voice acted many movies. Oprah has to work on the two different kinds of movies that she does, like animated movies and real movies, and that takes responsibility. She has to take care of her children and make sure that they are healthy, which also shows responsibility. Oprah must work on her movies and her TV Channel, while attending movie festivals, (like the Oscars).

A Man That Is Squirrel Hunting With His Dog

  • A man and his dog go squirrel hunting. There is another person that is asking the man questions about going hunting. In the video it shows the dog chasing the squirrel into a tree. The squirrel goes to the very top of the tree, and the man shoots it down. The man explains how much he loves to hunt and when he hunts. The dog and his master have a very strong bond, meaning that they both care for each other, like Sounder and his Master. The dog and his master hunt, just like Sounder and his master. The dog and his master in this video both love to hunt and do it frequently, like Sounder and his Master.

Anticipation Guide

  • I believe that being able to attend school is a privilege. Without school, we wouldn’t be able to communicate very well. If we didn’t have school, technology would never improve. If we weren’t able to read or write, we couldn’t send messages from long distances or send people important notes, or to understand the notes passed to you.

A Father, Daughter, and a Dog.

  • Sounder and this story are alike and different. The father and Cheyenne in “A Father, Daughter, and Dog” had a close bond and loved each other, like in Sounder, where the father and Sounder had a close bond. The father in Sounder had gotten injured, and grown old. He couldn’t do the things that he could do in the past. The Father in “A Father, Daughter, and Dog” was old and couldn’t do what he did in the past either. The stories are also different. The Father in “A Father, Daughter, and Dog” had depression. The father in Sounder was injured in a mine blast. The father in Sounder got his dog because he needed to hunt and feed his family. The father in “A Father, Daughter, and Dog” got the dog because he had depression and needed a friend.


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