Student Government Elections

Candidate Applications Open for 2013-2014

ASUWB Elections 2013-2014

Want to make a change on campus? Run for Student Government! Anyone can apply for these positions. The job descriptions for each position are available below.

The following are subject to change:

  • Descriptions, look up ASUWB Bylaws for more information throughout the election process.
  • Stipends, reflect the 2012 – 2013 ASUWB term of office
  • Dates advertised on the job descriptions and Election Policies and Procedures

How to Apply

Apply Today! online in Husky Sync. Please contact the elections committee if you have any concerns or questions.

**" For the most updated policies and procedures, clarification on the most up to date "dates-to-be-aware-of", and most updated job descriptions please either direct inquiries to the 2013-14 Elections Committee at please or refer to the ASUWB Bylaws.

Elections Application Due

Thursday, May 2nd, 5pm

Online HuskySync


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