National Beans Day

At the Exhibition Place from 9 AM to 7 PM

National Beans Day

National Beans Day is about giving back to nature by enjoying all Beans!!!!!!! Black, green, Anasazi,Garbanzo and Kidney beans! anything and everything Beans! You can enter a chili eating contest. The grand prize of 30000 Green Beans and $200, and probably some bad gas for fortnight.


If you still won't come then donate to the Beans Charity. In places like Malaysia we'll give all that we can for those people. But you need to help if you want kids to have Delicious beans for food instead of nothing. Call if you cant make the trip to the Exhibition Place go call 905-997-0612


Yes, there are free samples of of gourmet beans
How to Cook Beans - Quick Soak

If you can't wait for Beans!!!!!

Eliza Collins

Wild World by Cat Stevens (Cover) by Eliza Collins