The Big Bang Theory

By: Amal Imran and Sara Khan

The Beginning of the Universe

  • The universe was born approximately 14 billion years ago
  • An explosion occurred that created time,space, and matter
  • It started out as a single atom but became bigger than a galaxy

In order.....

  1. Formation of hydrogen atoms (13.76 billion years ago)
  2. Sun forms 5.01 billion years ago
  3. Earth forms 4.62 billion years ago except there is not any oxygen
  4. Formation of the first cell occurrs 3.72 billion years ago (Prokaryotic/single cell)
  5. 3.3 billion years ago oxygen levels start to increase due to photosynthesis
  6. 540,000,000 years ago, the cambrian explosion occurrs
  7. Mollusks, arthropods, ecinodermata, crustaceans and myriapedes
  8. Finally, homo sapiens evolve 200,000 years ago (humans)

Who Proposed the theory?

George Lemaitre and Edwin Hubble proposed the theory in 1927.


The five major extinctions occured 450, 375, 250, 220, and 60 hundred thousand years ago