The Perks of Being a Wallflower

By Stephen Chbosky


This book is about a boy named Charlie. He is not the average kid, some may even say he is a wallflower. Charlie didn't have any friends until one day when he met Patrick and Sam. They changed his life more than they even know. Charlie wrote letters to his pen pal about his life and those are what the book is made up of. He found out who he is really meant to be and for one moment he felt infinite.

Why read this?

I suggest reading this book because it brings on a whole new perspective on Charlie's life that they never add in the movie. You find out what he feels throughout the book and how he handles it. Its not an ordinary book it is outstanding! I honestly read on all my spare time because of this book!
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Book Cover
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Charlie writing his letters
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Sam and Patrick being complete Wallflowers
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The moment Charlie finally felt Infinite