Why skylights?

The graph in the bottom shows how much energy is being wasted by an average human.Sky lights will take care of that problem.This will benefit west a lot.Plus It will benefit our health It will give us a boost of vitamin c because It Is natural sunlight.Sky lights can add a better tone to the classroom.Sky lights are energy efficient the suns light Is an unlimited source.In regular lightbulbs you need to change the lightbulbs or batteries when they run out of battery.This will save a bunch of energy.Our goal Is to reduce the percentage of wasted energy.

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What is a skylight?

A skylight is basically a clear window.It lets the suns light go through and will lighten up your day.It is basically the suns light.Sky lights can save us tremendous amounts of energy.

How to make a skylight?

1.Cut Hole in Ceiling

2.Cut Hole in Roof

3.Put Top and Bottom of Skylight Tube

4.Put Roof Portion of Skylight Tube

5.Put Ceiling Portion of Skylight Tube

6.Measure and Cut Extension Tube

7.Put Extension Tube

8.Put Dome and Diffuser Lens

How much energy will be saved

more than 90% will be saved. Because in one month right now we are using $3043.33333333 and so on.Our goal will save a lot of money and energy.

The graph below will show you.

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We Need Funding

The graph below will show you how much we are expecting to raise as a funding.
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