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Another Party at Gatsby's

There was a party at the wealthy Jay Gatsby's house last night. Famous golf champion Jordan Baker and the Roosevelts were among those in attendance. The party included loud music, bright lights, singing, great beverages, food, and, of course, gossip."The party was insane!" said one of the attendees. Although there were many people in attendance, only two people were said to have met Gatsby. Still, no one knows who Jay Gatsby really is. Many rumors were about. Some think Gatsby has killed a man, some say he was a spy in Germany. Others say that Gatsby was just born in Germany. A source tells us that Gatsby was apart of the war and he doesn't like to be bothered by anyone. Parties are the only times that his house is active. People from all over New York come to Gatsby's party's. Everyone who is anyone is there. The rich and famous love their parties. Who cares what the law says, it's fun!

An Invitation

Another source tells us that Jay Gatsby also invited someone to his party, his neighbor Nick Carraway. Nick is a writer, and we are curious as to why he was invited. An investigation is ongoing and an update will follow in the next article.