Abrams Elementary School

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May 2022 Volume 9, Issue 17

Mark your Calendar:

May 18th: 2-Hour Early Release - PM 4K Students will attend all day. Dismissal is at 12:55 PM

May 27th: 5K - 5th Music Curriculum Concert- One show at 9:30 AM

May 30th: Memorial Day - No School

June 2nd: Last Day of School - Fun Fair - 2-Hour Early Release.


We are in the final month of school. Behaviors have a tendency to spike at this time of year for many reasons. It is vital that you speak to your child and remind them about following school expectations and use appropriate language and actions. We are working to reinforce the expectations at school but your help would be greatly appreciated.

Reach out to your child's teacher if you have any questions about learning or behavior. We are a team and by working together we can do great things.

Let us know if you have any needs. We will assist you in any way possible.

Mrs. Michalski


School Dress Up Days:

May 6th: Hat Day

May 13th: MisMatch Day

May 20th: Rainbow Colors Day

May 27th: Dress to Impress - Concert Day

Upcoming Events

May 13 - 2nd Grade - Field trip

May 17 - 4th Grade - Field trip - Madison

May 18 - Kindergarten -Field trip

May 19 - 3rd Grade Field trip

May 20 - 1st Grade Field trip

May 25 - 4K AM and PM Field trip

May 25 - 5th Grade - Field trip

May 27 - Spring Music Concert 5k- 5th - One Show at 9:30 AM

June 2 - Fun Fair - Student's Last Day

Spring Music Concert 5K-5th

The Spring Music Curriculum Concert for 5K - 5th grade will be held on Friday, May 27th!

There will be one concert at 9:30 AM. All families are invited to watch the morning concert to see the learning their child has been involved in this school year. Thank you for supporting the student's at Abrams Elementary.

Summer School

Summer School Registration closes on Friday, May 6th!

Fees will be assigned around May 13th.

Some classes are already full, however there are some classes with availability. If you need assistance please call Abrams Elementary Office at 920-826-5819.


We will not be offering breakfast or lunch this summer as part of summer school. The USDA has removed the school waivers for free meals and food guidelines. With this information along with some food shortages and staffing, we have decided to not offer meals during summer school.

Students in the afternoon Assortment of Fun class MUST bring a lunch each day.

If things with USDA change and we would change our plans, families will be notified.Students should plan to bring a snack to eat during period.

A backpack and water bottle are also helpful things to have each day.

Fun Fair

The end-of-school Fun Fair is returning on Thursday, June 2, 2022. The CPTO has been busy planning for this event. In order to make this day a success, we need your help! Would you be willing to run a game? Serve food? Help younger students through the bounce house or obstacle course? We are in need of over 50 volunteers from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Please look at the attached document for more information.

The Safety Squad -- May Edition

The Safety Squad May Edition

Welcome to the May edition! Thanks for coming back. While I was milling over what I wanted to talk about this month, someone shared with me an email that Marinette Sheriff Sauve had sent to parents within his county and his message inspired me to share something similar.

May is such a wonderful time of year! The school year is winding down, graduates are preparing for their future, kids are electrified by the promise of summer, and parents are planning parties! Graduation parties, summer barbeques, and days on the water are activities all of us enjoy - this month I want to encourage you to enjoy them safely.

Each year in Oconto County, law enforcement inevitably encounters vehicular crashes involving serious bodily injury or death to young drivers where drugs or underage drinking are a clear contributing factor to the crash. Underage alcohol consumption at gatherings and graduation parties can have tragic lifelong consequences which alter the trajectory of your child’s life forever. In Sheriff Sauve’s letter, he quotes a statistic derived from a recent survey conducted by The Healthy Youth Coalition of Marinette and Menominee that an ASTOUNDING 60% of local youth who drank in the past 30 days received the alcohol, willingly, from their parents. I’m confident that this statistic is fairly standard and representative of all local areas in NE Wisconsin. We consume alcohol as adults on the regular and we model that behavior to our kids. Prom is the perfect example. I could smell alcohol on many of the parents who showed up to observe the Grand March at Vandervest Harley Davidson for the 2022 Oconto Falls Prom. I don’t say this to pass judgment; adults are free to do as they please. I’m merely stating it to reinforce the notion that we consistently normalize the consumption of alcohol - even at school related events - and our kids take notice!

Let’s forget for a moment about the criminal legal issues one could face for an alcohol or drug related crash. Some of you may not realize that there is significant civil liability if an injury occurs on your property or after someone leaves your property after consuming drugs or alcohol. Not only can you get sued, but your homeowner’s insurance can drop you as well.

As parents, you have the most profound impact on influencing the thoughts and behaviors of your children. As adults, it is our job to teach teenagers how to be responsible and avoid preventable tragedies. I’d like to encourage you all to reflect on the routine practice of permitting minors to drink at your gatherings. Be mindful of the potential legal and emotional consequences that result from alcohol or drug-related injuries that you could have prevented. Consider the lesson you are teaching your kids and what you are modeling for them.

By working together, supporting each other, and making wise decisions, you can make this a safe graduation season and summer ahead. Let’s all do our part to minimize tragic events and have a wonderful summer break!

Jamie Kuhn

School Resource Officer

Community News

Triple P Seminar, Power of Positive Parenting

Abrams Town Wide Rummage Sale June 3-4

Annual Town of Abrams 2022 rummage sales will be June 3-4.

Contact Kayla @ 920-604-1998 to save your spot on the map. If you are interested in getting on the map and supporting the Friends of Abrams, please send the following to Kayla Kocken 6052 County Road E Abrams, WI 54101: Your name and address, phone number, email address, description of sale, and sale hours. Only the address and description will be printed on the map. Cost of being on the map is $7. Maps, food, and restrooms will be available at the Abrams Town Hall (5877 Main Street) from 8 AM-4:30 PM Friday and Saturday. Map deadline is Friday, May 27, 2022.

A random drawing will be held after we reach 50 sales on the map for two people to be on the map for free and will have the $7 map fee returned. Happy shopping!

Oconto County Breakfast on The Farm

Oconto County Breakfast on the Farm, will be held at Blaser Farms, Inc, 9267 Hwy 22, Gillett.

Sunday, June 12, 2022
Breakfast 8 am – 1 pm
MENU: Scrambled eggs with cheese and ham, pancakes, sausages, yogurt, apple sauce, cheese, milk, orange juice, ice cream, coffee and water.

Organized by Oconto County Friends of Agriculture


Tickets can be purchased when you arrive at the farm.
​Adults & Children $10.00
(Generous Servings)

​​Adults & Children $9.00

Join the "Advanced Ticket Line" when arrive at the farm.
(Generous Servings)

LOCATION for advanced ticket sales

Lena Faststop
Peshtigo National Bank Branches: Oconto Falls, Gillett, and Coleman
N.E.W. Credit Union Branches: Oconto Falls, Oconto, Suring

For more information visit https://www.ocontocountybreakfastonthefarm.org/