Budgeting My Money

By: Karly Svachula

How much is my monthly income?

My monthly income for this month is $26,150.
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Where do I currently live?

I am currently living in New York city.

How much is my apartment?

My apartment rent is 2,999. It is 1 Bedroom and is on 655 East 14th Street

What is my occupation?

I work at St. Mary's children's hospital as a pediatric surgeon.

What are my car expenses? Gas Expenses?

My car expenses are $494.6o. I have a 2015 Toyota Corolla. It is blue. My gas bill for this month is $110.00.

What are my shopping expenses?

My clothing expenses are $95.55. My food expenses are $120.00. And my household items are $75.99.

What are my cell phone expenses?

My cell phone expenses are $105.00. I have a iPhone 5S that is blue. I bought it from AT&T.

How much does my cable/phone bill cost

My cable and phone bill costs $90.00. My cell phone expenses is $105.00.

How much does my electricity/heat expenses cost?

My expenses for heat and electrcity cost $150.30.

What are my entertainment expenses?

My entertainment expenses are $95.00.

What are my miscellaneous expenses?

My Miscellaneous expenses are $1500.00. It is because I still have medical school loans to pay off. I also have 2 dogs!

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