April Newsletter

SY 21/22

Theme Meals of the Month

  • Earth Day featured vegetarian options such as Cheese Pizza and Mac & Cheese as well as a special treat: Dirt Pudding!
  • Pretzel Day featured soft pretzels that we served at all sites either as entrees or as sides.

Notable Dates in May

  • May 5th: Cinco De Mayo
  • May 6th: School Lunch Hero Day
  • May 10th: Alternative High School Cookout during Lunch
  • May 17th: NWEL Cookout during Lunch
  • May 19th: KMS Cookout during Lunch
  • May 20th: NWEE Cookout during Lunch
  • May 24th: High School Cookout during Lunch
  • May 30th: No School
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Kitchen of the Month

The High School Team

April Kitchen of the Month goes to the staff at the High School with Jay Craddock as the Kitchen Manager and Shirley Johnson as Assistant Kitchen Manager. This site is the busiest with us feeding around 900-1,000 students for lunch. Our staff works very hard to feed this many students while still serving delicious food and having amazing customer service as they interact with the students. The High School recently opened the Deli bar and the students have loved it! The High School staff acts as a great team that work tirelessly to feed the students and bring a smile to their faces.
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From left to right: Dana Sanfilippo, Nate Foster, Jessica Allen, Janice Richards, Sam Forner, Jay Craddock, & Shirley Johnson.

Not pictured: Crystal Lamphere

Patrick McKee-Director of Food Service

Let us know how we are doing! Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns as we try to make school lunch the best it can be!