Snow Day Updates

Virtual Learning and Other News - December 16, 2019

Virtual Learning Day

It seems as if this year Mother Nature is bound and determined to keep us out of school. I know the kids are excited and that safety is important, but it puts added pressure on students and their learning. While direct instruction is the most effective and carries the most impact, because of the number of snow days we have had this year, we need to implement a process for "virtual learning". By state law students must attend school for at least 1,080 hours a year and snow days take away from this time. We can make up some of this time by having a virtual learning day. If we do this we may avoid having to make up time at the end of the year by adding hours to the day or days to the year. One of the benefits of students using the Summit Learning Platform is that they can access their assignments at any time. In order to empower the students' continuous growth the following process has been put in place. Our hope is to help alleviate stress as the academic year progresses even when we are not in the building. Students are expected to complete assignments only for periods 1, 2, and 3 today.

  • Teachers will email students which assignments, activities, checkpoints, or exercise sets they are expected to complete during the day. They will also tell students how to submit the required assignment.

  • If resources you need are not in the Summit Learning Platform, teachers will also include any resources in the email.

  • If students do not have a device at home to work on (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) check in with the SDL teacher for an alternative plan.

  • Students can access teachers with questions through email. Teachers will not be available all day but will check email throughout the day.

Tuesday is Ugly Sweater Day!

The Choice to Give

We have many WPMS families in need this holiday season. Please consider giving in the following ways.

1. Holiday Chain Reaction: Students and staff can buy a link in our holiday chain for 10 cents each. All money raised goes directly to families in need of a little help at WPMS. Traditionally we raise close to $1,000. This year we have only raised $300. Please help if you can.

2. The annual Food, Book, and Toy Drive is nearing the end. Please consider donation non-perishable food or gently used books or toys to WPMS. All donations go directly to local families.