October 30th 2020

Message from Principal Dignan

Hello Eagles,

No question, these are trying times, but with every obstacle comes solutions and unexpected positives. This is a difficult time, but is just that - a time.

We need to recognize the things we are doing well. Think about the physical, logistical, mental and emotional struggles you may have encountered over the last 7 months. We have overcome so much. We are stronger for the struggle. We have improved our tech skills, we have increased our independence and we have more appreciation for the simple things.

I challenge each of you to create a list of gratitude. Identify the good things, the things that inspire you, the things that enrich your life. Stay happy and stay healthy.

We got this!

Tim Dignan

Click for Online Learning Student Survey

The goal of this student survey is to learn how we can best support students for the remaining 8 weeks of instruction this semester.

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Reminder Sunday Nov. 1st is DayLight Savings -Change your clocks!!

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Credit Calendar

Credit 1 ended on September 11

Credit 2 ended on October 7

Credit 3 ends on October 28

Credit 4 ends on November 20

Credit 5 ends on December 18

Most teachers will work with students to make-up missing work from old credits.

Students Of The Week

Kaleb Mueller

Kaleb had a rough start to this school year, but now he is "rockin' it!" He has stepped up to the plate and is doing very well! Keep up the great work, Kaleb!

Faith Moore

Faith is a very good student. She always completes her work to a high level, and is always there to answer a class discussion question. Faith displays a deep understanding of every math topic we have covered.

Employee Of The Week

Amber Cunningham

Mrs. Amber Cunningham is celebrating her 9th year at RVHS, and her 15th year as an educator in TVUSD. During her time as an educator she has taught Elementary to High School. While she has been at RVHS she has taught English, ASB, and recently switched to APEX. She is one of the most loving and humble “ROCK STARS” you’ll ever meet. She loves her students with everything inside her, and is willing to work tirelessly if it means that even just one kiddo has a better day.

When she isn’t at school planning lessons and ASB activities you could find her spending time with her two boys, Macklin and Quinn, and her husband fire fighter Dan. She enjoys swimming, white-water rafting, watching movies, reading books, going to the beach, and traveling with her family. You might even see her on the Baseball Diamond at Birdsall playing adult Co-ed Softball.

Mrs. C gives everything she's got for everyone in her life. She doesn’t complain and you would never know if she were actually tired. That’s saying a lot, since, this year she is battling breast cancer. Through her battle, she has been focused on her family, friends, and students. From making porch visits to calling students who are not even in her class to make sure they are doing ok. She gives and gives to people so much that those closest to her would say, “take it easy” but that is not the lifestyle she chooses to live.

Mrs. C is an amazing person who touches the lives of those she meets. Amber changes lives, that's a fact. Students who have graduated still communicate with her, people love hanging out with her, and you only feel better after meeting her. For all of this Amber Cunningham is the Employee of the Week. We love you Mrs. C, and we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. You Got This!

Birthdays To Celebrate

Hayden Bailey 10/30

Kaleb Mueller 11/01

Charlene Salvador 11/03

Zane Bahr 11/03

Nicholas Carrillo 11/06

Lisa Sindermann

Secretary To Principal Tim Dignan and

Assistant Principal Tim Mann