1936 Olympics

Overview of Holocaust

The Holocaust was the killing of millions of Jews during world war II under the rule of Adolf Hitler who hated Jew. This was a really tragic moment is history everyone was sad. Hitler was the reason everything happened he hated everything about Jews and he wanted them gone and that's why the Holocaust happened.

Definiton/Background Information

The 1936 Olympics A.K.A the Nazis Olympics, was controlled by Hitler. He was killing all the Jews while the Olympics was taking place. the 1936 Olympics wasn't a good moment for some people because they knew what was going on during it, they knew Hitler was doing bad things to a bunch of innocent Jews. the 1936 Olympics was a time that other people could see the bad things that Hitler was doing which made them alert.

Original Research Question

Why was Jesse Owens so important during the 1936 Olympics? jesse owens was important because he did some community service and gave speeches in Germany over racial things and political problems.


"Sport is prostituted when sport loses its independent and democratic character and becomes a political institution... Nazi Germany is endeavoring to use the Eleventh Olympiad to serve the necessities and interests of the Nazi Regime rather than the Olympic ideals."

"There has never before been developed a propaganda campaign equal to that of the Olympic Games... The foreigner who comes to us shall see the German people united under its leader, Hitler. Tourism is an important weapon in the struggle for the re-establishment of Germany's world rank."


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