Bubonic Plague

By: Lauren K. Peyton B.

What was it?

The bubonic plage other known as "black death" was when these apple or egg sized black boils would grow onto people. Blood and puss seeped out of them which came with fever, chills, vomiting, aches and pains, then death. People who could be perfectly healthy when they went to sleep would be found dead by morning.
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How did it start?

The bubonic plague arrived in Europe from China by sea in October 1347. When trading ships docked after sailing the Black Sea, most of the sailors were dead or sick. The bacteria then spread throughout towns and cities. The illness was spread Later scientists found out that the bacteria was called Yersina Pestis.
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Who did it effect?

Right after the plague there were many different aspects that were effected. People that had survived benefited from a labor shortage, so people now had a choice of whom they wanted to work for. A few decades later, when lords tried to revert back to the ways before the plague there were peasant revolts throughout Europe and the lower classes maintained their new freedoms and better pay. The Catholic Church and Jews in Europe were also effected. People did not trust in God or the Church since and many priests died of the plague which church services were limited. Jewish people were accused of poisoning the water because their mortality rates were significantly lower, something historians think it was because of better hygiene. It led many Jews to flee east to Poland and Russia, where they remained in large numbers until the 20th-century.

How was it spread?

The Bubonic Plague was mostly found in rats that would live in trade ships in China. Once the rats became infected with the disease, fleas were able to pick it up and pass it on to humans. Humans that would develop the disease were capable of transmiting the plague to other humans through the air. The trade ships were also a big factor in the spread of the Bubonic Plague, because the rats that were infected lived on the ships that traveled to different countries.

God's Punishment?

Because the people did not understand the biology behind the disease, many people believed that the black plague was a form of punishment from God causing many people to question their faith. Some people thought that to win over God's favor was to exterminate "trouble making" people. So thousands of Jews were massacred from 1348 to 1349. People started blaming each other along with God by beating people from their town
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How did it effect the economy?

The plague had a very negative affect to Europe’s economy. Because of the recent events that had occurred, products became more difficult to produce and send out. It was extremely dangerous and difficult to send the ships with the products because of the fear that the disease would spread. At the time, the demand for workers was also very high, however businesses were unable to hire workers because of the high death toll.

What was the result?

In less than 4 years the Black Plague made a path of death through Asia, Italy, France, North Africa, Spain, and Switzerland killing 25 million people which was over ⅓ of europe. So after the end of the plague since many farmers had died many people went without food. Halloween was created partly from the plague, he doctors used to have to wear special masks in order to get near the patients. The masks kind of made the person wearing it look like a human with a birds head wearing a hat. It was a long that reached down to the person's feet with eye holes cut out. Where the person's mouth would be, there was a long "beak". On the head there was a hat tied on. This is where we got the mask part of Halloween.
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Essential question

What impact did the bubonic plague have on a society’s population, religion, and economy?