Da je vječna Crna Gora ; May enternal be our Montenegro


Part of another country

Montenegro used to be part of Yugoslavia. This split is recent only occuring in the early two thousands.


Montenegro is locate in the south, east portion of europe. It is surrounded by Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The coast line touches the Adriatic Sea.

European Union

Montenegro as part of the EU

Montenegro is currently a candidate of the European Union. So in result they were NOT a founder of the European Union or the EU.


Montenegro currently uses the Euro. Prior to the euro they used the Yugoslav Dinar.


Montenegro is just filled with spots of beauty and learning. There are coastlines land dwelling with old towns and peninsulas jetting into the water. One of these cities is called Kotor. It is in the mountains. It is all made out of old cobblestone. There are also lots of different national parks including Lake Skadar a large swamp land like lake. It is the largest swamp for birds. There is also Prokleije it is a mountain range 2000 meters above sea level. Finally another one is Biogradska it is a rainforest covering 54 square kilometers. These are only some there are tons of other attractions and National parks in Montenegro.


The flag of Montenegro is red with a gold border. It was a coat of arms in the middle with a doubleheaded eagle and a lion. The eagle represents the former ruling dynasty and the lions represent the relation between church and state.

Type of Government

Montenegro has a Parliamentary Republic which means the people vote in legislatives which than make the votes. Milo Đukanović is the current Prime Minister. That means he is like the president and is above the legislators. He will be in this position until he quits because there is no set term time.


Physical Features

Montenegro has a lot of different physical features. Their lowest point is the Adriatic Sea and the highest point is Bobotov Kok which is the highest mountain at 2,522 meters. They have a lot of earthquakes in this part of Europe. The coastline is indented with some peninsulas going into the water. And finally there are a lot of mountains and plateaus made out of limestone.

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