First Grade Weekly Update

February 11, 2016

100th Day of School

On Wednesday, February 10, our first graders celebrated the 100th day of school. We did a variety of activities to celebrate the number 100! The children sorted stickers into 10 piles of 10, we counted by twos, fives, and made crowns and super "100" capes. We also used an app on the mini ipads called "Aging booth" where we took pictures of ourselves and then made us transform into a 100 year old person. After that we recorded our favorite things when we are 100 years old and used our "Old person" voice. It was a busy but fun day to honor the number 100.Check out the 100 year old photos of your child during parent conferences.


Convincing our Readers

This week in writing, we have been working on an opinion piece about which restaurant is the best one to eat at. The children are learning the steps of opinion writing:

1. Give your opinion

2. Support your opinion with at least 3 reasons.

3. Use a comparison

4. Give your restaurant a rating

The children are really working hard on developing this writing style. Please check out their writing journals during parent conferences.


Along with celebrating the number 100, we have been working on place value and comparing 2 two digit numbers using the greater than and less than sign. We are also working on ten more and ten less of a number using a 120 chart to help us. We have done some cool activities on the Smartboard with a game called "Watch, Think, Color". Please check out IXL on the computer with your child to work on these place value skills at home.


No School on Friday, February 12 (Parent conferences)

No school on Monday, February 15 President's Day

Weekly spelling test on Friday.

Please read each day with your child.

I look forward to seeing all of you at parent conferences Thursday, February 11 and Friday February 12.

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