BA in Sociology

A little bit about me...

I am 36 years young, married to the most handsome man, and gave birth to two of the most beautiful girls ever! I am also in the world’s best Air Force which I have proudly been a part of for almost 16 years. I am close to finishing my BA in Sociology, which is a huge achievement for me. I also have AA degrees in Social Actions and Information Management.

The CHAMPS mentor program is a great tool for new students and I am extremely happy to now be a part of it. It took me quite some time to realize I needed to get off my butt and continue my education and was extremely intimidated with online classes. I felt the only way I could learn was in a classroom setting. I can safely say that returning to school and being so close to getting my BA is very rewarding and the online setting was not as bad as I thought.

As a CHAMPS mentor I hope to encourage and support those who seek it and expand my capabilities as a mentor in my professional environment.