UCSD#1 Computer Science Team

November Update


Boot Up Wyoming 2022 is an initiative to implement computer science in all Wyoming schools. During the 2018 Budget Session, the Wyoming Legislature passed Senate Enrolled Act 0048, which adds computer science and computational thinking to the state educational program. Click here for more information on the statutory changes and click here for more information on the development of computer science standards.


To implement a Computer Science Curriculum in compliance with state standards that flows K-12.


We believe in Computer Science because… it promotes complex problem solving, independent learning, prepares students to overcome challenges, to think and act for themselves and to meet workforce expectations as citizens.

November Spotlight: Mr. Colin Wilson's Principles of Engineering Class at EHS

These pictures are of my Principles of Engineering class. They had to build a bridge out of popsicle sticks and hot glue that could span 16" . The goal was for them to withstand 50 pounds placed in the center. Many of them met this challenge. They learned that certain structural designs are much stronger because they distribute the weight to other parts of the bridge. This class will also be doing an egg drop challenge where they have to build a protective system for an egg that will be dropped from about 25 feet. They will also build rubber band powered airplanes that need to fly straight and reach a specific distance this semester. During the second semester they will build a variety of projects using raspberry pi boards and arduinos.

Colin Wilson EHS

Computer Science Team Learning in New Orleans!

The ISTE Creative Constructor Lab is an interactive learning experience that uncovers how to create vibrant, media-rich learning environments to help grow the next generation of creators!

The UCSD #1 CS team learned several hands-on activities to help our students. Two of the main points we learned were to use authentic activities to foster creativity, and to allow our students to share their own voice. We are excited to start sharing these ideas with our students and our colleagues!

Big picture