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October 2017 Volume 42/Issue 2

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Mrs. Hasse's Spotlight

As fall begins to draw near and we settle into our first month of school (can't believe it!), we are living into our fullest potential. As a staff, in effort to create strong relationships so that all students can learn, we shifted our mindset "officially" three years ago. We shifted our paradigms, or ways in which we see things. Check out what paradigms are here. Over time, we continue to internalize these beliefs. Examples of this include: everyone has genius, educators empower students to help them lead their own learning, everyone has leadership/something to give, AND we believe in developing the whole person.

Built into our school-wide system, teacher pairs meet regularly to discuss their levels of effectiveness both personally and professionally. We feel it is important for us to model what we are asking of students. This is called Accountability Partnerships. Partners meet often and provide each other with the feedback to "feedforward" their work.

Stephen Covey often talks about the rear view mirror. Often times we spend too much time looking back and thinking of what we 'should a, would a, could a'. Missed opportunities or do-overs play on repeat in our heads! What about instead switching that thought. Yes, actually releasing the thought and moving forward. Instead: think you did your best and it was good enough! This then is both helps you to be highly efficient and highly effective.

Reflection is important for improvement, don't get me wrong, BUT why not "feedforward" your work and thoughts to set your goals into an amazing path forward instead of harboring on the past? Accountability Partners can help you do that! Soon your child, by the end of this month beginning November, will have a partner in their classroom. They are partners to discuss their academic progress, personal goals, and just discuss their learning together throughout the day! This unique experience allows the students to become partners in the educational process! They can get to know each other and connect on a deeper level; the goal of Accountability Partnerships!

We have so much planned for your student his year! From our numerous yearly events, Accountability Partnerships, goal setting (Wildly Important Goals) and countless leadership roles for parents and students alike! I continually beam with pride as HP is the place to be! We continue to achieve great things...TOGETHER!

Educationally Yours,

Mrs. Hasse


A NEW Face in the HP Office!

We are so excited this year to have a new addition to our HP Office Staff! Mrs. Michelle Elter comes from the community and is highly regarded. She is getting to know many of you in her new role as our building's Health Aide. Michelle is happy to share a bit about herself as she gets to know all of you and your children. We are blessed to have her as the newest part of our HP TEAM!

Hi! My name is Mrs. Michelle Elter. I am a mom to three wonderful kids (Madison who is in 9th grade at Romeo High School, Michael who is in 6th grade at Romeo Middle School, and Maxwell who is in 4th grade at Amanda Moore Elementary.) I also have two rescue dogs, Buddy and Otis. My husband and I moved to Romeo in 2006. We love living here and are very proud to be Bulldogs!

In my spare time, I love to read (Stephen King is my favorite author), scrapbook, and run. I just ran my first 5K during the Romeo Peach Festival. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again.

I am really enjoying my new job here at Hamilton-Parsons as the Health Aide. Everyone has been so welcoming and kind and have made me feel at right home. Thank you!!

Mission Statement Creation

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This month the entire school will have created Classroom Mission Statements. We believe that by involving students in creating the classroom culture, the stage is set for a more cooperative classroom through increased student ownership and leadership. Students also created (or soon will be) Personal Mission Statements. Using three words, students highlighted themselves capturing who they are, what they strive to be! Ask your child what their classroom mission statement is.

Here's Mrs. Presnell (right) showcasing her Family Mission Statement that has been in existence for over 20 years! She said it's helped her and her family members many of times get back on track to their hopes and desires and values. It helps them, as a family, keep their "name" (and each other) proud!

We encourage you to create a Family Mission Statement using the template above. Consider who you are? What do you strive to be? Students will keep their Family Mission Statements in their Leadership Notebooks to review and see for the year. Best wishes working with your family. The more creative, the better!

Hamilton-Parsons Elementary Mission Statement was created in 2015. We recite this mission statement each day and at Community Circles. It is a daily reminder of the TEAM and family we are at HP. Hamilton-Parsons...Learners, Leaders, Bulldogs Forever!


#Student Leadership

Students at HP lead the way with top happenings and thoughts each month! This trimester, Riley & Callie are working to bring you what's happening with HP!

Hello leaders! This is Callie and Riley the HP journalists. Today we will talk about some events in October! We are going to talk about W.I.Gs, Socktober, Fun Run and the Buddy Bench.

W.I.Gs are Wildly important Goals. You can set goals for yourself and the more you practice your goal the more you'll achieve your goal. There are many kinds of goals.

There are classroom goals, personal goals, reading goals, and school wide goals. Be on the lookout for students to begin goal setting around conference time.

Now let's talk about the Fun Run. There is DJ Zack Attack. And after the run there are apples and water. Usually there is is a balloon arch greeting you when you run through it. It's a fun way to synergize and get healthy.

Next, we are going to be talking about the Buddy Bench. Most classrooms have a Recess Buddy Leadership Role. If somebody has nobody to play with at recess they would sit on the Buddy Bench and anybody who wants or the Recess Buddy can you go over there and see if the person on the buddy bench wants her/him play with them for recess. This is idea was brought to you by a fellow HP student. Our school is going to learn more about this at Community Circle on October 2nd.

Now for a helpful way to give back for something all grades can participate in is called “Socktober”. This is the kind of fundraising activity can help people who don't have socks. If your classroom donated the most socks (I think you get a pizza party). The socks get donated to the Samaritan House.

This is the end of the paper and always remember Hamilton-Parsons students are learners and leaders and Bulldogs forever!

P.A.W.S. Information

Parents At Work in our School Yearly Details

Check out information about our MISSION and VISION! Also see dates for the year! WE NEED YOU!

Our parent group, Parents At Work in our School, is in action! If you were unable to attend our first meeting, please do in the future! We honor all input and voices; many hands make light work! Everyone is a part of P.A.W.S. if you have a child/ren at this school!

Our P.A.W.S. leadership includes:

Margaret Cyrus, president

TBD, vice president

Jen Sekula, secretary

Carrie Gizoni, treasurer

Maggie Guaresimo & TBD, teacher liaison/Leader in Me

Michelle Coutelle, new families coordinator

Email P.A.W.S. @ hamparpto@gmail.com

Interested in serving a role on the P.A.W.S. Board or chairing an event? Please email P.A.W.S. or Mrs. Hasse @ andrea.hasse@romeok12.org.

Congratulations to the Stager & Page families (pictured below) for winning the Royal Family Raffle for the fall 2017-2018!

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11th Annual LEADERSHIP Fun Run

Mark your calendars! Each year Hamilton-Parsons has a day set aside for our major fundraiser. On October 13, 2017 our K-5 Leadership Run will occur. The success of our school will be due to the participation, talent, and hard work of our students, parents, staff, and entire community!

Every penny raised goes to HP students, classrooms, and teachers in our school! Purchases from these funds have included: student materials, additional library books, classroom magazine subscription for EVERY HP student, updated, state of the art future in our pod areas for every grade level, a HP t-shirt, Volunteer Luncheon, RCS High School student scholarship...and more! Ham-Par staff recognizes that we cannot do this work without you!

Our challenge is to raise $50/student for a total of almost $23,000!

There are prizes for fund-raising as well! Classrooms will synergize so that the combined funding of each individual student will be totaled and the top donating classroom will get a prize! In addition, other prizes will be awarded by raffle entries. Raising $1 to $25= 1 raffle ticket, $26 to $50= 2 raffle tickets, $51 to $100 = 5 raffle tickets, $101 or more = 10 raffle tickets.

Top prizes include:

  • Limo Ride & Lunch with Mrs. Hasse
  • Extra-Class Party
  • Emagine Movie Passes
  • Skyzone Family Fun Packs
  • Skating Party @ the New Rink
  • Principal for the Day
  • Chuck E Cheese
  • Dave & Busters
  • Air Time
  • Slurpees!
  • ...and MORE!

Leadership Run Schedule

9:30-10:00 1st Grade

10:00-10:30 5th Grade

11:00-12:30 Lunch

12:45-1:15 3rd Grade

1:15-1:45 4th Grade

1:45-2:15 2nd Grade

2:15-2:45 Kindergarten

For further information contact the office or

Mrs. Laura Fiore (event chair) at lauralfiore@yahoo.com

Online pledges can be made at: https://parent.payschools.com/categories.asp?id=93A4D4A84E9E43A2B7D4F7BB32E1ACD1&

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What is Leader in Me?

The Leader in Me process helps to create a common language within a school, built on proven principles/leadership skills found in Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s best-selling book, The 7 Habits for Highly Effective People.

Hamilton-Parsons Elementary School is school #120 in Michigan (now over 400 and 3,000 world wide) to begin the Leader in Me four year implementation process. The Leader in Me process helps develop the following essential life skills and characteristics students need in order to thrive in the 21st century:

  • Leadership

  • Accountability

  • Adaptability

  • Initiative & Self-direction

  • Cross Cultural Skills

  • Responsibility

  • Problem-Solving

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Teamwork

The Leader in Me process is designed to be integrated into the school’s core curriculum and everyday language so that it is not just “one more thing” that teachers/schools have to do. It becomes, instead, a part of the school culture. The process benefits schools and students in the following ways:

  • Develops students who have the skills and self-confidence to succeed as leaders in the 21st century

  • Decreases discipline referrals

  • Builds confidence for both students and staff

  • Teaches/develops leadership through the existing curriculum

  • Improves the academic achievement

  • Raises levels of accountability and engagement among both parents and staff

The Schoenherr family is reading The 7 Habits of Happy Kids (pictured above) which is the basis for Leader in Me in schools. It's goal is to put timeless principles (7 habits) into kid-friendly language.

For more information...

  1. Visit The Leader In Me's official website
  2. Visit A.B. Combs Elementary School's website to learn about why Leader In Me was created
  3. Visit Beaumont Elementary School's website to learn about how the program is implemented at other schools (Michigan's 1st LIM school located in Waterford)
  4. Visit the Sean Covey website for 7 Habits games and activities for kids
The Leader In Me - How schools can develop leaders one child at a time.

Classroom Corner

Student-Teacher-Parent Compact

A compact for schools serves as a tool for partnership. It holds the expectations for all participants in a school (students, parents, teachers, and principal). All parties are expected to serve a role in order to achieve a yearly, successful outcomes!

Please review the compact PRIOR to coming to Student-Led Conferences on October 25th & October 26th.


Student Led Parent Teacher Conferences

Upon beginning our Leader in Me journey we began to create a larger system. Educational research notes how schools who have successful systems in place can attend to higher quality practices in instruction. Our school moved into a shift in “creating the culture” two years ago and last year moved into “aligning our academics.” It continues to be timely with not only the district’s initiatives including our high school academies, but also continues to support and focus on early literacy in our kindergarten through second grades. We have solid literacy instruction in all grades, providing additional support for those who need it most, and continue to motivate, document, and involve our very own students in the process. Naturally, this all lends to Student-Led Conferences.

Student-Led Conferences help students understand the learning process. Although students know the most about what they learn, how they learn, and the amount of effort they put forth, traditional conferences have excluded them from the conversation about their learning. Engaging students in the educational process is an important outcome of a Student-Led Conference.

Again, the Leadership Notebook is the cornerstone of the conference. During the meeting, it allows students to share progress, scores, work samples, and celebrations. Students report on their progress, or lack of, on academic or personal goals, scores, grades, and assignments. They use this knowledge to set goals, or reaffirm/continue their efforts. Students will provide a highlight of what is happening from a specific checklist (there isn't enough time to review it all) and then the last few minutes for the parent/teacher to connect privately.

There are many other benefits including:

  • Students assume greater control of their academic progress.

  • Students accept personal responsibility for their academic performance.

  • Families, teachers, and students engage in open, honest dialogue about learning.

  • Families attend conferences at increased rates.

  • Students learn the process of reflection and self-evaluation.

  • Students develop organizational and communication skills.

(Research from Donald G. Hackmann, Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Sample of how your child’s conference will look:

  • 5 minutes of the student leading the conference (teacher supporting the student) reviewing their Leadership Notebooks and reviewing/signing the School-Home Compact. This time will be FOCUSED on selected items (the entire Notebook is not shared but instead the "Wildly Important Reading Goal" and possible other highlights).

  • Students will be using a mutually agreed upon grade level checklist to guide their thinking for the conference.

  • 5 additional minutes for time with parent and teacher to discuss concerns privately & in grades K-3 Individual Reading Plans (per the House Bill 4822).

  • Should more time be needed, teachers will make a follow up conference time (via email, phone, or in person).

To read more about Individual Reading Plans:


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HP Teacher Receives Grant

Congratulations for the third time to Ms. Reuter, one of our 4th grade teachers, for securing a Meemic Grant for her classroom! Ms. Reuter will be making a purchase to build her personal classroom library to engage and motivate her readers with the latest, appealing titles. Take a peek at Ms. Reuter's winning entry...

What books are you interested in purchasing through Scholastic?

Since I am a new teacher, many of the books in my classroom library are books that I purchased at garage sales or books that were donated by other teachers. Therefore, many of the books are older and do not always appeal to my fourth grade students. I am interested in purchasing newer books from Scholastic that actually appeal to my readers. Some examples include Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amulet, Harry Potter, Big Nate, I Survived, Dragon Slayers' Academy, Percy Jackson, Wonder, and other popular titles/series.

How will these books be used in your classroom?

These books will be used to "spice" up my classroom for the 2017-2018 school year. This year, many of my students expressed to me that I did not have a lot of new books. I tried my best to order books with the bonus points through Scholastic, but I was not able to order too many. I would also like to purchase some informational books that will align with the fourth grade reading and writing units that my district uses.

What books impacted you the most – as a child and as an educator?

As a young child, books like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Brown Bear, Brown Bear were among my favorites. My parents always read me those titles and Dr. Seuss books before bed. In elementary school, I developed a love for reading thanks to the Magic Tree House series. Once I developed this love for reading, I became invested in The Little House on the Prairie series and Harry Potter. To this day, the Harry Potter series is still one of my favorites. I re-read all of the books almost every summer! As an educator, some of the most impactful books that I have read include The Leader in Me by Stephen Covey and Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids by Chris Biffle. In my classroom, I have loved reading books like The Tiger Rising, The One and Only Ivan, Out of the Dust, and Sideways Stories from Wayside School to my students.

Hamilton-Parsons Elementary School

Hamilton-Parsons Elementary is a K-5 elementary school in Romeo Community Schools home to 475 Bulldogs! Ham-Par, for short, is Michigan's 120th Leader in Me school and the first school in Romeo to adopt the LIM processes as a part of best practice from the Franklin Covey Foundation.

Vision Statement: We choose to empower students by teaching life-long habits so that they are prepared to succeed today, tomorrow, and always.

Mission Statement: Hamilton-Parsons... Learners, Leaders, Bulldogs Forever!

Mrs. Andrea Hasse, Ed.S., principal

Mrs. Lisa Seeley, secretary

Living the 7 Habits

Interested in learning about the 7 Habits? Join the worldwide community for free. Download the app and the code to enter is: habits89