The Federalist and Anti Federalist

Salma Berlanga

anti federalist- those who opposed the development of a strong federal government and the ratification of the Constitution in 1788, preferring instead for power to remain in the hands of state and local governments.

federalist-Formed by Alexander Hamilton, which existed from 1792-1824 wanted a stronger national government and the ratification of the Constitution to help properly manage the debt and tension following the American Revolution. John Adams was the only Federalist president in the United States.

The Bill of Rights, first 10 amendments of the Constitution are specifically personal individual rights and freedoms these were included partly to satisfy anti federalist. Jefferson was often considered a leader among the anti federalist. Without Madison it is unlikely that the constitution would have been ratified.

"One can hardly expect the state legislatures to take enlightened views on national affairs." - James Madison Federalist

"Congress or our future lords and master are to have power to lay and collect taxes duties imposts and excises.' -Anti Federalist