Come celebrate Indias independence!

Indias Independence

All of India is being invited to a party celebrating our freedom from Great Britain.

Where is it?

The party is being thrown in India's capital, New Delhi.


The independence party will be thrown on September 26, 1947. Since independence was given on August 15, 1947. It will take a while to get the celebration ready.

Why should you come?

If any of you are loyal to your country, coming to this event should be entitled in it. Even if you are not the most loyal person ever, you should still come to celebrate the FREEDOM of your own country.

What to bring?

In order to come a person would have to bring at least one traditional dish. If this cannot be fulfilled if one is to poor, at least wear traditional clothing to the event.


To tell us if you are coming you are to send a letter to the capital where the party is being thrown.